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In Singapore, the building and construction law helps to govern the contracts formed between participants from the building and construction industry. Additionally, the rights and liabilities of parties are dictated by the law as well. With your best interest at heart, our legal team can help to negotiate and draft contracts between you and the other party. Possible parties may include landowners, builders, architects and contractors.


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Responsibilities of Parties

There are two types of contractual arrangement between parties, namely traditional contracts and design build contracts. With the traditional way, the contractor is responsible for only the construction of the building while the design remains part of the consultants’ job. On the other hand, with design and build contracts, the contractor agrees to take on full responsibility for the building constructed and accept onuses related to design. There are standard form contracts for both types. Standard form contracts consist of standardized terms and conditions about payment, deviations and substandard work, making them easier to administer. Conversely, non-standard form contracts may contain ambiguities that make them less recognizable. Depending on your industry and your individual situation, our lawyers will advise you on the appropriate standard form contract to use or if needed, how your non-standard form contract can be framed to best protect your interests.

How we can assist you

At IRB Law, we know that dealing with numerous building and construction permits can be tedious when most of your time and efforts are spent on the project. Our lawyers can assist you in obtaining the necessary permits needed and also ensure that your projects stay compliant with the regulations of BCA (Building and Construction Authority). We can also help to guide you through the long and complex process of applying for a Certificate of Statutory Completion for your building.

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