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Civil Litigation refers to legal disputes in which one party is accused of having committed a wrong, but not a crime. In contrast, Criminal Litigation is concerned with misconduct as defined by the State. The primary concern of civil law is the rights and duties of parties amongst themselves. Civil litigation encompasses a broad spectrum of legal matters and disputes other than criminal matters. Civil cases are often related to, for example, claims of a breach of contract, negligence, employment disputes, property disputes, defaults in loans, and defamation. Such claims are often remedied by compensation to the wronged person or by an injunction that prevents the wrongdoer from violating your rights again.

These are some examples of claims that fall within the purview of civil litigation:

(a) banking disputes between clients and banks;
(b) building and construction law disputes;
(c) companies: disputes between shareholders, directors, minority rights, oppression
(d) contract: provision of services, sale of goods and services, sale of property;
(e) employment: disputes between employer and employee;
(f) financial and securities: sale & purchase of shares;

(g) insurance contracts;
(h) intellectual property disputes: copyright and designs, law of confidence, passing off,
patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names;
(i) judicial management;
(j) land: landlord tenant, property law;
(k) money lending transactions;
(l) mortgagee claims;

(m) partnership disputes;
(n) restitution claims;
(o) societies and other associations;
(p) sports law;
(q) taxation; and
(r) tort: defamation, negligence (industrial accidents with death) (industrial accidents with
injury) (motor accidents with death) (motor accidents with injury) (medical negligence)
(professional negligence)

This is not an exhaustive list. Civil disputes, regrettably, often happen and are complicated in nature as various laws and rules on civil procedure have the potential to affect your case. At IRB Law, you stand a better chance of coming out on the other side with good results. With their collective experience, our lawyers are well informed in all aspects of civil litigation. Our knowledge in the multitudes of legal and factual issues means we will be able to advise you appropriately and help execute your case to your satisfaction. Based on years of collective experience, we will be sure to offer professional advice for your best chance at success.

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Solving general disputes

Civil litigation is complex and difficult for someone unfamiliar with the law, to identify the area of law, his or her claim falls under. Navigating it’s complicated procedural aspects is also a tedious process. Our team of civil litigators will be able to help you identify the issues of your claim, advice you on its merits, and prepare and file all the necessary court documents to initiate your claim. Should your claim proceed to trial, our team of lawyers will get your case ready for trial, correspond with the other party’s lawyers and eventually present your case in court.

Personal Injury cases

If you have suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of another party, and if it has occurred within the previous three years of the accident, you can make a personal injury claim. These claims can be validated if you believe that the action (or inaction) of another party has caused you some form of damage. Our dedicated personal injury lawyers have vast experience dealing with cases spanning across automobile accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, and unsafe property. If you are seeking compensation from a personal injury incident, our lawyers at IRB Law will give you sound advice on the merits of your claim, provide you with estimates on the compensation you might receive, apply for compensation with the relevant insurance companies, and/or litigate the matter in court. We will protect your interests and you can rely on us to give the best possible outcomes.

Property-related problems

Property related problems can take many forms. Co-owners of a property may seek to divide it up between themselves so they each get a share. Problems can also arise between landlords and their tenants. The duties of both landlords and tenants are typically found in the tenancy agreements and a breach of these terms may lead to eviction. For example, if a tenant is unable to pay rent regularly, a landlord may choose to forfeit the tenancy and evict his tenants. Alternatively, tenants may want to end their tenancy early due to the landlord’s breach of tenancy agreements.

If you are facing a problem with your landlord or tenant, our lawyers are trained in identifying laws that can help you achieve a positive outcome in your landlord-tenant relationship. Some areas we can provide support in are reviewing terms of a lease, dealing with defects at premises, and solving problematic tenant evictions. With our collective experience in property-related cases, we will be sure to offer you your best chance at a successful outcome.

Breach of Contracts

Breach of contract is the most common form of dispute in civil litigation and occurs when a contracting party fails to perform their obligations in a valid and legally binding agreement. When one party does not fulfill his legally binding agreements to another party, a breach of contract can be filed against the non-performing party. Failure to perform can take the form of non-performance, late performance, defective performance or preventing oneself from fulfilling the performance. An anticipatory breach can also be filed if one party believes that the other contractually obliged party does not plan on following through with what has been legally agreed upon. There are four types of contract breaches:

1. Minor Breach
2. Material Breach
3. Fundamental Breach
4. Anticipatory Breach

If you have been sued for a breach of contract or if someone has breached an agreement that they’re signed with you, our team of lawyers at IBR Law are trained to identify the issues of contention, and are able to advise you on your chances of succeeding at a claim or defending it. Our responsibility towards our clients does not stop at the point when judgment has been granted; we will go the extra mile to ensure that you have explored the relevant avenues to enforce your judgment.

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