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Singapore is known to be a global business hub and a leading financial center in the world. The stellar legal system in Singapore provides sufficient protection for investments, attracting business investors from all over the world. With stringent corporate laws in place, every successful business needs a well-rounded competent lawyer who is up-to-date with the laws to handle its legal business.


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Professional business lawyers who are prime candidates of choice are those who are subject matter experts. At IRB Law, our lawyers have rich corporate experience in the Singapore law scene. Our corporate lawyers have experience dealing with firms from various industries and possess a deep understanding of the regulatory practices of different industries. Our extensive trial experience means we are always prepared to go to bat for you. We may not specialize in every area of business law but our lawyers are highly resourceful and adaptable. We understand that time is precious in the corporate world. Our lawyers will help you attain the necessary information needed for your legal issues in a short period of time and find the solutions to your problems quickly.

A Fair Division of Assets

As your business begins to grow, having experienced lawyers in business law is indispensable. We can help to ensure that your contracts, employment, taxes and business licences are in tip-top legal shape. We know that legal issues can be harmful to a company’s development so we believe in prevention before cure. Therefore, our legal team will help prevent legal issues from arising by ensuring your legal documents and processes are properly conducted. We understand that due to circumstances, sometimes unexpected legal issues such as lawsuits may arise. In the case of that, our legal team will be available to back you up. Our experienced lawyers at IRB Law will be able to advise you on the appropriate measures to take and work to make sure the damage brought to your company is kept to a minimum.

Shield your children

As your business begins to grow and transit into corporate status, shareholder issues may come up. These issues may affect daily operations which can create additional problems. We will help to resolve the problem amicably so that its negative effects are not long-lasting. </p>
<p>If there are any issues with shareholders, company employees or management, having a company lawyer for corporate cases is going to be a lifesaver. It will always be a win-win situation when companies and corporations have a corporate attorney on their payroll. If any business owners or corporations are looking for legal specialists in company and business law, they can speak to our team at IRB Law.

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