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What Owners Receive When They Hire A Lawyer For Copyright Law In Singapore?

In Singapore, creations are granted certain rights under the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). A range of intangible assets can be protected under copyrights. This includes but is not limited to literary, music or entertainment-based productions. Copyrights are automatically granted to creative artistes. The main purpose of copyright laws is to prevent the unlawful use of copyrighted materials. These laws inhibit other parties from using the materials to gain personal monetary benefits.


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How Do Copyrights Work?

Copyrights give complete ownership and grant exclusive rights to the owners. Under copyrights, creative artistes are granted full control over the commercial usage of their assets. Any illegal use of these materials will be considered a offense and punishable through the laws.

What is Copyright Infringement?

Copyright infringement happens when another individual use the protected materials without a contract. Owners need to give specific permission through a contract before someone else is allowed to use their materials. The contract must outline the limited rights acquired by another individual and dictates exactly how this other individual can use the materials. In the case of copyright infringement, our lawyers at IRB Law can help you to enforce your legal rights.

What Happens If Someone Violates Copyright Laws?

We deal with copyright infringement by conducting a process known as discovery to identify all the monetary gains from using the copyrighted materials. Our lawyers will then request for the volume of proceeds generated from the use of these materials to be paid back to you. Depending on the extent of the offence, the court may also impose additional fines, restitution or a prison sentence for the individual who violated the law.

What Happens When There is More Than One Owner?

If copyright infringement occurs for materials which have shared ownership, the collected proceeds are divided between all owners. Each owner receives an equal value of these proceeds and any additional monetary losses. This may include any damages to their reputation in their respective industries.

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