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Names are very important and reflect who we are as people. However, sometimes the name we have does not reflect who we are or want to be. There are many reasons for why you may wish to change your name.

For example, if you recently got married, you may wish to take your spouse’s name.

Alternatively, you may wish to change your name to one that is more auspicious, to go by a Western name or nickname that is different from the name in your IC, or to change or remove unusual spelling.

Whatever your reasons, if you are not happy with your name, you don’t have to be stuck with it forever. Changing your name in Singapore is a relatively straightforward. However, before you can apply, you will need to obtain a deed poll. At IRB Law, we offer a fast, reliable, and affordable deed poll service. Combined with our convenient location just around the corner from ICA, you can complete all of the formalities to change your name in as little as half an hour.


A deed poll is a legal document that declares your intention to renounce your old name and adopt a new name.

This document does not automatically is required before you can apply to change your name in Singapore. You will need a lawyer to draft and sign it.

Your first step should be to make an appointment with a lawyer, who will assist you by drafting the deed poll to comply with Singapore law and ensure that your new name conforms with ICA’s regulations.

Please ensure that you bring your existing NRIC, or if you are under the age of 21, your birth certificate, for this appointment.

Once you have obtained the deed poll, you will need to apply for a replacement Identity Card (IC) from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) within 28 days.

You can apply online or in person at the ICA building, located approximately a 5 minutes’ walk from our main office on Jalan Sultan.

When you apply, you will need your existing IC and a copy of the deed poll. Depending on the purpose for your name change, you may also require a copy of your new name in ethnic characters (Chinese, Jawi, or Tamil characters), your baptism or other religious certificate, or marriage certificate.

After you receive a new IC, you are also required to obtain a new passport within seven days.

You will need to make an appointment with ICA or if you are outside of Singapore, the Singapore Embassy or Consulate in your location.

Your deed poll should be ready to collect from us within 15 minutes. Your new identity card should be issued within a few days of your application to ICA. Your new passport should be available within 4-6 weeks of your application.

Your passport and IC are the two most important documents that you need to update after changing your name. These updates will also apply to all government services, such as CPF, HDB, and IRAS.

However, it is advisable to inform your employer of your name change, as well as any educational institutions which have granted you a qualification so that they can amend your academic certifications and/or transcripts to include your new name.

Other institutions that you should inform include, but are not limited to, your banks, insurers, investment agencies, and mobile phone provider so they can update your records and documentation.

If you are below the age of 21, both of your parents will need to sign your deed poll, even if your parents are divorced or if you do not live with them. If the other parent has passed away, you will need to bring a death certificate to ICA as proof. If the other parent is not contactable, the present parent will have to declare that despite reasonable efforts, he/she could not be reached.

Names which are vulgar or offensive, or resemble names of famous politicians, or contain titles such as “Sir” or “Duke”, will be rejected.

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