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Insurance Law in Singapore

What is Insurance?

The purpose of any individual or a business in taking out an insurance policy is the fact that the party wishes to transfer the risk of any loss from that he is unwilling to bear or risk to the insurer. Such an agreement is usually done for an exchange of a monetary sum. This risk management function of insurance policies plays a crucial social and economic significance in Singapore. Insurance policies can cover a wide range of risks and can be classified in server ways e.g. first party and third party insurance and non-life policies and life policies.


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Insurance Law in Singapore

In Singapore beside the common law, other sources of insurance law include statutes such as the Insurance Act, the Policies of Assurance Act, the Marine Insurance Act and the Motor Vehicle (Third Party Risks and Compensation Act.)

Denied Coverage?

For most having an insurance policy is supposed to eases our mind in the event our loved ones or we ourselves get injured or when something we care about is damaged. Insurance Policies only become a cause for concern when the insurer or the insurance company denies coverage of the person or the insured possession. It is worth nothing that under the Insurance Act, certain classes of persons are presumed to have an insurable interest in the life insured. This includes the individual himself, his spouse, his child or ward under 18 years of age, and any other person on whom the policyholder is wholly or partly dependent. People who fall outside this classification of people may still prove their interests in a person’s life, but will only be permitted to recover to the extent of the interest proven.


These practices include but are not limited to sudden and unexpected denials of coverage. Should you find yourself is such a situation our experienced lawyers in insurance law can help protecting you from such unlawful practices.

Protection for Reimbursements for Health Care Services

Health care policies may require you to submit certain payments for health-related services. These payments comprises the full requirement for these services. Under these health insurance plans, the insurer must provide you with a reimbursement that exceeds the cost for the services through their insurance policy. We can help you ensure you get your rightful reimbursement.

Unlawful Termination of Policies

Insurers are prohibited from terminating any insurance policy without any legally acceptable reason. They cannot end a policy based on your use of their coverage or cancel a policy without presenting the reasons outlined in their policy for terminating coverage. If they do, our lawyers can help you file a lawsuit against them.

You have the legal right to enforce your rights when insurers fail to provide an adequate duty to you. We can help file claims to recover your entitled benefits when the insurer fails to provide the coverage provided by their policy.

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