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When you go to a doctor or other professionals for medical help, you expect to receive a certain level of care and professionalism. However instances of medical malpractice can have serious repercussions. Mistakes such as misdiagnoses or failure to provide adequate treatment can lead to further injuries, illnesses, or even death. Often, when this happens due to the negligence or lack of knowledge or skills on the part of a medical practitioner, you are entitled to compensation. Even if the medical negligence has caused you to suffer slightly you may be entitled to compensation.


Typically most people would want to find out from the early onset of any claim whether they would be successful in their claim against a doctor or the medical facility that caused the negligent act. While our experienced medical negligence lawyers are well-versed in-court representation. We also can help you to determine whether your claim is likely to succeed by evaluatingyour evidence such as your medical reports, the witness statements and other medical second opinions.


There are a number of ways to commence legal proceedings against an errant medical practitioner. One option is to lodge a formal complaint with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). While this process may be complicated our team of experienced lawyers will work with you to guide you through the process smoothly. We can also help you to file a claim directly against the doctor or medical facility at fault. Our team of lawyers are committed to protecting your welfare and helping you obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve. We understand that compensation is key in helping you to pay for any additional medical bills, make up for lost wages, and move on with life and focus on recovery.


Although a direct complaint can be lodged, it is unwise to attempt to file a legal claim without the help of professional lawyers for medical negligence cases. Our lawyers will provide legal advice and representation, which can substantially increase your chances of receiving a better settlement. We know how damaging medical negligence can be to one’s life, thus, we will do our best to defend your interests and ensure you get the appropriate compensation.


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