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As an illustrator, inventor and author we understand that your works are your livelyhood and we believe that it maybe necessary to safeguard, this can be done by filing a patent on your works. The fine print and the procedure in securing a patent in securing a patenis what confuses many. If you are not careful, you may lose some rights that you intend to keep. In order to truly understand the patent process, hire a lawyer who is well-informed about the patent law in Singapore. At IRB Law, our lawyers have a wealth of experience handling such matters.


Depending on the nature of your work, we will assign anexperienced patent lawyer who is familiar with the subject of the work that has been created or invented. The lawyer assigned to you will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure that your patent process will be as smooth as possible. In the case of any legal complications, the same lawyer will be there to guide you throughout the process.


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Patent Application in Singapore

In order to have a patent granted, we can assist you in filing a patent application in Singapore. There are a few ways to file for patent in Singapore. It may begin with a provisional application which provides the specification of your invention without any claims. You may choose to do this before filing a complete application or start the process directly with the complete application.

International Patent

If desired, we can help to file an international (PCT) application to have the invention temporarily protected in 145 countries. An international (PCT) application filed from any of the 145 countries can also be converted into a complete application in Singapore within 12 months.

Important points to note when filing a Patent

There are two important dates in the patent process, the priority date and the filing date. The priority date is established by the provisional application. It is the date from which your application’s uniqueness and originality are assessed by being compared to information which was openly available before the priority date. On the other hand, the filing date is determined by when the complete application is filed and also serves as the starting of the protection period.

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If any of this seems confusing? You need not be intimidated many others have felt the same way as you. We at IRB Law are here to provide professional advice and guidance. Leave the complex application procedure to our dedicated team here and let us help you get your inventions protected.

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