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In Singapore, Muslims are subjected to follow the Administration of Muslim Act (AMLA) which makes provisions for regulating Muslim religious affairs and to constitute a council to advise on matters relating to the Muslim religion in Singapore and the Syariah Court. At I.R.B Law, we have many experienced Syariah lawyers that are prepared to assist you in navigating the negative aspects of divorce and making informed decisions on the division of your property, custody and care for your children, future financial interests, and other ancillary matters.


We specialise in every aspect of Syariah law, including:

  • Muslim Divorce;
  • Muslim Maintenance: Nafkah iddah and Mutaah;
  • Custody;
  • Annulment;
  • Muslim Wills (Wasiat);
  • Muslim Inheritance; and
  • Muslim Probate.

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Our team of dedicated Syariah lawyers are here to ensure that your Muslim divorce procedure or your Muslim inheritance are handled with care and precision.

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+ What are the Ways for a Muslim to be Divorced


There are four types of divorce under AMLA that you could utilize as grounds for divorce:



  • Pronouncing of Talak by the husband to divorce
  • Khuluk by the Wife or the right of a woman to seek divorce from her husband.
  • Breach of Taklik Conditions is essentially a stipulation of the rights and responsibilities between the bride and groom which is said upon marriage to give the parties a right to divorce if breached.


Whether your Muslim divorce is a messy contested divorce or a smooth non-contested divorce, our Muslim divorce lawyers can help and guide you through the process to make sure your interests are protected.


+ Maintenance in a Muslim Divorce


One of the biggest concerns during a Muslim divorce is ensuring that proper maintenance is provided for the wife. Under AMLA, there are two types of maintenance: nafkah iddah which is maintenance during the period which a divorced woman or widow is forbidden by Muslim law to remarry, and mutaah, or what can be known as a ‘consolatory gift’ upon divorce.


We understand that maintenance matters in divorce can be difficult, and therefore we will defend your interests to ensure that a fair settlement is negotiated. Our Syariah lawyers will ensure the best advice and assistance is provided for you in your tough times.


+ How do I apply for a Muslim Divorce in Singapore

If you are considering for a Muslim divorce, it is strongly recommended that you consult with a Muslim divorce lawyer, who will be able to advise you on the Muslim divorce procedures in Singapore, as well as your eligibility and requirements for a divorce. These documents include an originating summons to your spouse, proposed parenting plans, and HDB query forms, to name a few. You will be required to submit these forms before the divorce proceedings can occur. Our trained Syariah divorce lawyers will then prepare all of the necessary documents for you.


You must first attend a compulsory marriage counselling session with your spouse. If the both of you are still seeking for a Muslim divorce after the session, the Courts will then proceed to the divorce procedures. After obtaining talak, or any one of the methods for divorce, the Courts will proceed to resolve any maintenance.


+ Muslim Wills in Singapore


Muslims are highly encouraged to draft a Muslim will or wasiat. The will is executed upon death, once payment of debts and funeral expenses of the deceased have been taken care of. Preparing the manner in which your assets are to be distributed, based on Muslim law, will hopefully result in a smooth and seamless process when the will is executed. Here at I.R.B Law, we have Syariah and Muslim lawyers who are well versed in drafting Muslim wills in Singapore. They will guide you through the nuances and legal terms when drafting a Muslim will may be too technical for you to understand alone.


+ Muslim Inheritance in Singapore

Inheritance in Islam ensures that beneficiaries obtain what is fair and just according to faraid rules. Matters such as the distribution of assets and involved documentation may be too technical for you to understand alone. At I.R.B., our legal team is well trained to handle faraid matters and your loved ones’ assets.

What we can do to help

A Fair Division of Assets

Married couples naturally acquire joint assets like houses, automobiles, and stocks. These assets will generally have to be divided between both parties following a divorce. If an asset has been acquired before marriage, it will not be regarded as a joint asset unless it has been regularly used and enjoyed by both parties and their children during the period of marriage, or it has been significantly improved upon by either one of or both parties during the course of the marriage.


Muslim law ensures that only one-third of your property can be willed away. As such, our Syariah and Muslim Lawyers can assist in drafting a will that is legally applicable in Syariah Law as well as Civil Law.

Maintenance Matters

Both parents are obligated to provide for maintenance of their child, regardless of whether the child is residing with you. If you are unsure about whether you could claim maintenance – for yourself or your child in a Muslim marriage – our dedicated divorce lawyers can provide you with comprehensive advice so that you know which rights you are entitled to.


Often, where the breakdown of a marriage is imminent, or when divorce proceedings are ongoing, parties make the mistake of not paying adequate maintenance, or not paying maintenance at all to the spouse or the children. Some don’t even realize that they can claim any maintenance during this period, even though they have the right to do so. Our lawyers will provide you with comprehensive advice and information on your rights as a spouse and as a parent.

+ Shield Your Children

Conflict between parents are often a stressful situation for children. To that end, we at I.R.B Law want to ensure that the divorce proceedings do not result in a traumatic experience for your child. Four different types of custody order exists:


  1. Split custody
  2. Sole custody
  3. Joint custody
  4. Hybrid custody


Your child’s welfare will be of our most important consideration. Our Muslim divorce lawyers are committed to protecting your child’s interests both during and after the proceedings by ensuring that they are properly cared for through a reasonable maintenance agreement and with visitation schedules. We will make certain that your child is protected and continues living in a safe environment, guide you through the divorce proceedings and make certain that the impact it will have on you and your family is minimized.

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I.R.B. Law is recognized as a team of leading Singapore Syariah and Muslim divorce lawyers with a track record of success in resolving matrimonial disputes. Our Syariah and Muslim lawyers have over a century of a combined experience as litigators and are ready to assist you with your matrimonial dispute.


We firmly believe that everyone should be entitled to a second chance and be allowed the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and live life anew. Should you be in a position where you may need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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