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How Can a Trademark Protect Your Business in Singapore?

A trademark represents any sign, logo or symbol that is capable of helping to set your business’ goods and services apart from other businesses. When a trademark is registered, you can restrict others from utilising your name or logo – effectively obtaining exclusive control of your mark protected through the law. When you have a trademark, you can sell it to others for a specified value, license it as a franchisee, or even use it just to protect your market share.


If you are looking for a lawyer to help guide you through trademarking any mark, logo or symbol of your business please contact our team of professional trademark lawyers as they will be able to guide you through the process to register your trademark.


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Grounds for Refusal of Trademark Registration

Understanding the Trade marks Act of Singapore will help ease the process when registering a trademark, and here’s where our experienced lawyers can assist you. There are areas where the registry can refusal registration of trademarks, for example, the one of the grounds for a refusal of registration is if the trademark is lacking any distinctive character, which are customary or considered established practice of the trade. With the guidance of professional trademark lawyers, it will make the process less tedious, ensuring all the characteristics and requirements of a trademark are met thus saving time and cost.

Infringement of Trademarks

If someone without your authorisation has used your Trademark, our Singapore Trademark lawyers can assist to verify and confirm the infringement. A trademark infringement is defined as when another trademark, that satisfies one of the criteria in the relative grounds of refusal of registration (Trade marks Act – Chapter 322), is used without the consent of the original trademark owner. In such an event, the original trademark owner may be able to claim an injunction, damages, account of profits, and statutory damages against the party who has used the infringed trademark. Reach out to our team of professional Trademark Lawyers should you find yourself in such position or if you require any further advice.

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