Anil Balchandani

Anil Balchandani – J.D.

Partner, Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore

– Intellectual Property Law
– Law of Information Technology
– Commercial Law
– Construction Law
– Insurance Law
– Family Law
– Criminal Law

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Mr Anil is is very meticulous and detailed as he assists in the trial of a friend of mine. He is thorough and detailed as he works through the case. He is focused and puts his heart into assisting his client, empathetic and reassuring as well, even though language may be a barrier in communicating. He is open to discussions, ideas, and feedback as he discusses and updates his client. I believe he does his very best in all his cases in defending his client(s).Chua, 10 August 2016
I am deeply grateful that Mr. Anil took up my case. He handled my case with professionalism and was deeply committed that I received the best sentence possible. He stood by me during a long drawn out trial which took more than a year to end, providing constant updates and reassurances throughout. The judge even commended him for his attention to detail during one of the sentencing in which he pointed out an important fact that swung the case in our favour.Salvin, 31 July 2016
Mr Anil is currently acting as the defence lawyer for one of my friends and throughout the ongoing trial, I’ve found him to be detailed, focused, patient, knowledgeable and systematic. He’s most willing to assist in whatever possible way and is also open to suggestions. He’s able to empathise with his client and constantly provides updates as well as reassurance. In both his cross as well as direct examination, he seeks to obtain the best possible outcome and does his utmost to defend his client.Ms Teo, 24 July 2016
I came across IRB Law from SLA and Mr Anil reverted back to me almost promptly within the next hour regarding my enquiries. As my case deals with IP law and requires urgent response to the other party, Mr Anil has been most kind and helpful in fixing a meeting to understand my case with efficiency amidst his busy schedule. He is very patient and helpful explaining entire case situation to me and providing essential legal advice to my best interests. He also managed a negotiation to reduce my legal cost and case terms to the minimum. My case has since ended all thanks to Mr Anil and I’m most grateful for all his help rendered.Katherine, 31 May 2016
Mr Anil Balchandani acted as my defence counsel when I was facing a criminal charge with a possible prison sentence. But he managed to successfully reduce it to a discharge not amounting to an acquittal.Mr Tay, 6 May 2016
We engaged Mr. Anil N Balchandani from IRB law to be my son’s defence lawyer. He is an excellent lawyer. He spoke up during the court hearing and highlighted the important points to the judge that helped my son. I am glad that my son got probation and can continue with his studies. Mr. Anil updated us on all the information after each court hearing, and was very detailed in his emails. I sincerely thank Mr. Baiross of IRB Law for recommending Mr Anil to be our defence lawyer.Mr and Mrs Ng, 11 April 2016
“Anil helped me a great deal when I was sued for infringing another artist’s copyright. This artist was way more influential and had a lot more resources at her disposal, and she hired a lawyer from one of the best firms in Singapore. However, Anil, with his sheer skill and determination, managed to convince the judge that I did not violate her intellectual property. He truly is a lawyer par excellence.”Mr T. Yong
“I was convicted for manslaughter and faced a life sentence in prison. Luckily, I was defended by the skilled Mr Anil from IRB Law. He was very precise with details, and was therefore able to identify points of defence that astounded the entire courtroom! This got me off the hook, and my sentence was lessened. If you’re in trouble, Anil is definitely your go-to guy!”Mr Seetoh P.M.
“I work as a humble bus driver, and I was involved in an accident which killed someone. I could not afford to pay much, yet Mr Anil told me not to worry about his fees, and focus on the case. He managed to get me acquitted eventually, but Mr Anil did not stop there. He went to my employer and gained the company’s assurance that I would be able to hold my job. Thank you, Mr Anil, for going this far for me!”Mr Toh C.Y.
“Anil is a lawyer who understands his clients and makes them comfortable. My son was charged for a gang fight, and as a youth offender, he was very afraid of the legal processes. Still, Anil managed to help him feel at home during their various meetings and was able to communicate the details of the case to him. My son was therefore better able to help Anil in his defence, and the judge let him off with a lesser sentence. Great work!”Mdm A. Subramaniam
“Having heard so many stories of how Anil successfully defended criminals who had committed serious offences, I decided to engage him when I faced death for drug trafficking. I was absolutely amazed with his performance in Court. He managed to tear down the witnesses the prosecution called upon using even the most minute of details! In the end, the judge was convinced and acquitted me. Anil is indeed a lawyer who will not disappoint!”Mr H.B. Putnam
“When my copyright was violated, I lost a lot of money because the other party’s product was way cheaper than mine. I therefore had no choice but to sue him. I engaged Anil, and he managed to convince the judge that the perpetrator’s actions were hurting my livelihood. He got a court order for my copyright to be protected, and for compensation to be accorded to me to make up for the money I had lost. He is one who stands up for justice and will see it carried out.”Mr Y. Osman
“The police didn’t believe me when I was framed for drug trafficking. Not even my parents believed me. But Anil did. He fought for my case and believed in my innocence, and managed to convince the Court of it too. He was passionate about the case at hand, and compiled evidence tirelessly to the extent of visiting me in remand on weekends. Talk about client-centric lawyers!”Mr Soon K.W.
“Mr Anil is a lawyer who takes every one of his clients seriously. When I was charged for shoplifting, my third offence, he handled my case simultaneously with another capital case. His other case was way more serious, yet he made sure that he never neglected the time he spent on mine. He still visited me frequently to find details to prepare for my defence in Court. Mr Anil is a fair and professional lawyer who is passionate about his job and his clients, and I’m glad I chose him!”Mr G. Hwang
“I was lost for words when the prosecution appealed to the High Court for a heavier sentence for my offence. The case had already taken a huge financial burden on me. Mr Anil knew I could not afford to pay much more, yet took on my defence at the High Court and told me not to worry too much about the fees. He perseveres and focuses on his job in all circumstances, and I am glad I engaged him over anyone else!”Ms P. Gomez
“Anil is a lawyer who has his heart in the right places. Being the sole breadwinner of my family, being imprisoned for long periods of time would bring heavy financial burdens to them. Anil knew this, and managed to convince the prosecutor to drop the charge in favour of a lesser one. I was let off with a fine by the judge, and I have Anil to thank for that!”Mr W.B. Norman
“Little would I know that I would be sued for downloading music for free. Being young, I did not know what to do. Luckily for me, my parents engaged Mr Anil to help defend me. He helped me understand the law better, and was patient in asking me for details. The judge eventually ruled in my favour, and I must say that I’ve learnt a lot through this. Thank you, Mr Anil, for everything!”Mr M.S.B.M. Abdullah
“My livelihood was at stake, as I had faced a debarment from driving, in addition to other sentences meted out by the Court. Anil helped to appeal to the High Court, and managed to convince the judge to drop the debarment, and even lessen the sentences. He is one who does not give up in the face of adversity, and I am proud to have had him defend me!”Mr Poh Y.K.
“When my business partner stole my secret recipe and set up another shop to compete with mine, I knew I was in trouble. I quickly engaged Anil to help me get my copyright back. There were many hurdles we faced, such as the fact that my partner tried to convince the judge that he was the originator of the recipe, but Anil, with skill, managed to overcome them and get the judge to believe me. He is intellectually-nimble, and with his indomitable spirit, is virtually unstoppable in Court!”Ms Teo C.H.
“I was utterly amazed at how Anil handled my suit against a competitor in Court. My competitor and his lawyer called up many witnesses who gave false accounts to the Court, but Anil saw through all of their tactics. He exposed them to the Court, and this led the judge to favour our argument. He is very sharp, and I would recommend him as a lawyer to anyone who needs one.”Ms S.B.M. Nizam
“There were many lawyers who thought my case to be a hopeless one, as they saw no way of winning the case and I could not afford to pay much. Mr Anil, with his heart of gold, was the only one who agreed to take it up. He made sure that I was provided the best defence possible, and even miraculously managed to win me an acquittal. My family and I are eternally grateful to him!”Mr J. Heng

Anil Balchandani is a Partner at I.R.B. Law LLP.


Anil received his Juris Doctorate in Law from Singapore Management University in 2012 and received his Bachelors in Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Industrial Management at Carnegie Mellon University in 1994. Anil practiced as a professional engineer for approximately 8 years. He also holds a Diploma in Intellectual Property Law from National University of Singapore. Anil is also a registered Patent Agent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Anil is one of a few practicing lawyers with an engineering background and industry experience as a professional engineer. His sharp mind and legal expertise make him a formidable and dedicated litigator with a unique ability to handle the intricacies of criminal and commercial law. He has been involved extensively in trial litigation and has argued at the Court of Appeal, the highest court in Singapore.


Anil has worked with a wide range of industries within the intellectual property realm, including engineering, manufacturing, mechanical equipment, biology and pharmaceutical, music, entertainment, information technology and computer science.


With his engineering background, Anil is well-equipped to handle highly technical legal matters. In the course of his legal practice, Anil has developed expertise in intellectual property. He has experience in strategic IP portfolio management, research and development, technology transfer (licensing and acquisition), due diligence, digital rights, valuation, product development, monetization, and other agreements involving intellectual property and technology. Anil has worked on trademark, copyright, industrial design, trade secret and licensing issues.


Beyond intellectual property, Anil has expertise in advising on cases that are very technical in nature, such as in cybercrime and data protection. In addition, he has advised clients in harassment and personal protection cases. In his years of practice, Anil has also provided effective solutions to a wide variety of cases involving corporate law, construction law, insurance law, bankruptcy, and criminal law. In the area of employment law, Anil is able to assist clients, especially engineers, arrive at securing a mutually beneficial employment contract or to resolve a dispute.


As a criminal litigator, Anil has defended clients charged with a range of offences under the Penal Code, Misuse of Drugs Act and Prevention of Corruption Act and has made successful representations to the Attorney-General, leading to full acquittals for his clients. In the recent High Court case of Mathew Koottappillil Mathew v PP, Anil successfully appealed for a reduction in sentence for client a charged with corruption under Prevention of Corruption Act and Criminal Breach of Trust under the Penal Code. He successfully defended Mr Zhang Kun, a public transport employee in an accident case involving a SMRT bus. The trial was notable for its length, and complexity which involved mechanical engineering, law of physics, mechanics, and expertise in the area of engine runoff.


Another area of expertise that Anil has been successful in is in the law of Workplace Safety and Health Act and Workplace Injury Compensation Act. Anil has experience in representing the company and the individual.


Yet another area where Anil has experience is with the Building Management (Strata Management) Act. Anil has acted for clients suing the Management Corporation.


Anil is fluent in English, and is able to converse in Hindi, and Malay. He is a member of the Law Society’s Intellectual Property Practice Committee, CyberSecurity Committee, and the IT Committee. He is also an active pro-bono volunteer under the Law Society’s Criminal Legal Aid Scheme. Outside of his legal work, Anil maintains a keen interest in working with and advising start-ups on their intellectual property strategy, and has acted as an advisor at, an incubator located at Block 71 Ayer Rajah, Singapore. In his free time, he enjoys tennis, astronomy, and horticulture.


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