One thought on “ashwin

  1. Flo Lee 2 months ago

    We are greatly appreciative towards our legal counsel, Mr Ashwin Ganapathy for his effort, dedication & impressive professionalism despite of piles of projects under his care.

    We are truly grateful for his ‘never give up’ optimistic spirit that showed forth during representation & mitigation. He is an impressive criminal lawyer & with his high experiential professional knowledge, every potential client is his passion to bring success.

    Having ever showing his compassionate heart, I felt so comforted when he assured to me time & again everything will be over. That give us a peace of mind & being thankful that we finally had landed in his good hands when our previous solicitor had messed up our life. He really put clients’ welfare above any monetary gain.

    Ashwin is a person of integrity & did not disappoint us throughout. Thumb Up & Highly recommended👍👍👍