Viveganandam Devaraj (Raj)

Viveganandam Devaraj (Raj)

Associate, Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore

Raj’s legal practice areas are broad and he can help you find solutions in the following matters:
– Arbitration
– Bankruptcy (including voluntary bankruptcy and creditors’ bankruptcy application)
– Company Winding Up (Voluntary Winding Up and Compulsory Winding Up)
-Corporate and Commercial litigation (Magistrate Court, District Court, High Court and Court of Appeal actions involving broad areas i.e. breach of contract, Shareholder Disputes actions etc.)
– Agreements / Contract Drafting
– Defamation
– Debt recovery (Corporate and Individual)
– Divorce
– Dispute Resolution
– Employment Law
– Intellectual Property Law including Trademarks, Patents and Copyright
– Mediation
– Settlement Negotiations
– Wills

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I would recommend Devaraj for his legal services. Upon resigning from my previous job, I was informed by my employer that I was unable to work in the same field for other companies for at least 5 years. I was rather lost and unaware of how I am going to seek for future jobs. As such, I decided to consult Devaraj on whether such a term could be binding against me. Devaraj went through all my contractual documents and told me that such a clause could not be binding against me. He even explained to me the basic of how contract law works and how some onerous terms cannot be enforceable. As such, I was able to seek employment in other companies. I highly recommend Devaraj as he did not only help solve my problem but educated me on the law of contract.Thilaga, 7 November 2017
After months of having my salary withheld, I decided that it was time to take legal action against my employer. I approached Devaraj from IRB Law and he exceeded my expectations by making the process so painless. He managed to convince my employer to issue my salary by telling them why it would be prudent to do so in his Letter of Demand. I am very glad with Devaraj’s approach with my matter, he helped me save so much money in legal fees by steering my matter away from litigation. I could not be happier with the outcome.David, 7 November 2017
Devaraj agreed to take on my case in the midst of financial uncertainty when I was just retrenched from my job. I knew I might not be able to pay him, yet he told me not to worry about the legal costs and allowed me to pay him through a very reasonable installment plan. He fought for my previous employer to compensate me with fervent passion, and was ultimately victorious.. I would highly recommend anyone with employment issues to seek Devaraj’s advise.Eugene Tan, 7 November 2017
Devaraj’s services provided were remarkable and we would recommend him. My company hired Devaraj to assist us with drafting a couple of letter of demands to our sub-contractors to demand for money. During the initial meeting, Devaraj handle our claims professionally and timely although some amounts we wanted to demand was rather small. The billing rates were very reasonable as well for a letter of demand. Devaraj’s letter of demand were very concise and powerful and had put some legal pressure to the subcontractors who subsequently returned the money they owe us.Shobhana, 7 November 2017

Raj is an Associate of I.R.B. Law LLP. He graduated with a degree in law from the University of Birmingham and a degree in Business Management from Coventry University. He takes great pride in providing actual solutions at competitive rates to people in need.

Please Call / WhatsApp / Text him today to discuss your case @8777 3677. Consultations are almost always free with Mr Raj and his team.

About Raj

Raj is well-versed in different areas of law, from civil litigation and contract law to family and employment law. His comprehensive legal knowledge makes him an expert on a broad range of matters; such as employment disputes, drafting contracts, wills and probate issues, to name a few. 

Raj is able to assist YOU in a competent, diligent and effective manner because he is aided by teams of lawyers and paralegals for each of the above areas of practice. Hence, you will get the full service and knowledge of a big established firm at a competitive small firm rate.

Raj has a variety of interests aside from the law. He previously worked for Singapore’s largest engineering company as a Simulation Engineer. His previous employment as a 3D Modeller and a Videographer & Photography Producer further equips him with a unique skill set that allows him to focus on finding solutions to problems. This is clearly evident in his practice as he also now manages the Digital Marketing Department within I.R.B. Law LLP.

A fun fact about Raj, prior to embarking on becoming a lawyer in Singapore, he won Asia’s Biggest Loser program; something that is not for the faint of heart as it is a test of one’s resolve and endurance in extremely gruelling conditions. He made it to the end and was crowned the champion. His love for cats is also unparalleled. Raj is an avid and competitive gamer and is looking forward to realising his lifelong dream of owning two cats.

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