Jeremy Cheong

Jeremy Cheong

Partner, Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore

Areas of Expertise
Dispute Resolution
International Arbitration
Domestic Arbitration


Commercial Litigation
Shareholder Disputes
Licensing Agreements
Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act adjudications
Sale of Goods
Debt Recovery
Debt Restructuring


Civil Matters
Will Drafting
Estate Planning
Probate and Administration
Setting Up Trusts
Bankruptcy and Insolvency

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I engaged Jeremy to assist in recovering my deposit from a contractor who did a very bad job for my house renovation. Although it was not a lot of money Jeremy and his team were very professional and worked very carefully on my court case. Fortunately I was able to get back my money, and thanks to Jeremy and his team.Jared Fong, 22 March 2017
We are a Singapore construction company who had some dispute with some of our subcontractors. We were happy that Jeremy is extremely familiar with the construction industry and was able to understand all the technical issues easily. This made it very easy for us to explain our problems. Jeremy proposed useful solutions to resolve the matter quickly and preserve the existing business relationship with our subcontractors. The fees were also extremely reasonable. We are very satisfied with IRB’s service.Stanley Soh, 25 August 2016
Jeremy was recommended to me by a business associate. I needed help with my dad’s estate as he passed on without a will. Jeremy was able to offer valuable advice and was prompt in answering my family’s queries. He and his team were able to process my dad’s letter of administration within 5 weeks! Thanks once again to Jeremy and his team for their professional and efficient services!Thomas Ang, 4 August 2016
“I come from a humble educational background and do not have much experience dealing with matters of the law. Luckily, Jeremy was there to help me in my acquisition of a small firm. He was very patient with me even though I was slow to make my decisions and always deferred to me as his client, but at the same time, he advised me about the best course of action at every stage. Above all, he always allowed me ample time for the information he provided to sink in, and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. I owe my success in acquiring the firm to Jeremy and his team at IRB Law!”Mr Mohd I. B. Farhan
“I was at my wits’ end trying to keep my business afloat, as I was unsure of how my family would be fed if my company went under. I was very fortunate to have chosen Jeremy as my lawyer to assist me in filing for insolvency. Not only did he help me avoid heaping debt, he also helped me recover a portion of my total investments in the company. He was dedicated to his job in ensuring I got the best deal, and I got more than I had expected. Today, thanks to him, I am free of the financial worries which once plagued my mind.”Mr S. Vijay
“My family and I were so distraught when the insurance company decided not to allow us to claim for my daughter’s injury, that we decided to hire a lawyer. Her medical bills were piling up and we needed all the help we could get. We came across IRB Law and Mr Jeremy Cheong, a partner at the firm, was sympathetic towards us. He ensured that meetings with us were convenient given our care arrangements for my daughter, but maintained professionalism in helping us fight for our claim. Eventually, we prevailed and managed to get our claim. Kudos indeed to Mr Cheong for being so spirited and steadfast!”Ms Choo M. K.
“The financial crisis hit me hard, and I was unfairly dismissed without compensation by my company. It knew that I was disadvantaged and that I could not fight its decision by myself. Desperate, I turned to Jeremy Cheong at IRB Law for help. He knew my plight and assured me that legal fees were not an issue. Jeremy was also firm in trying to arbitrate between my employer and I, and made sure that I was not shortchanged on my entitlements under the law. He was considerate to me and firm on my welfare.”Mr Yah S. W.
“Having to close down the company my father left for me was one of the most emotionally-draining periods of my life. Luckily, Jeremy helped me fight for the best possible deal I could get and I managed to recover a portion of my investments. He knew that it was a sensitive issue for me, and was tactful in the way he dealt with me. He was encouraging, and inspired hope in me in my darkest hour. With this hard-fought recovery he helped me get, I hope to one day restart the business and make my father proud.” Mr F. Han
“I needed a good employment contract for my employees when I just started up my business, but was clueless on where to start. I then decided to consult Mr Jeremy Cheong at IRB Law for help. He drafted this contract and explained it in layman’s terms such that it was easy to understand despite all the legal jargon. He also welcomed me to come back to him if I required to clarify anything in the future or any further help. Mr Cheong is a warm figure, and I will definitely go back to him if I need any help!”Mr C. Prabagandram
“Mr Jeremy Cheong helped me avoid a risky business deal and secure a better one for myself. I was lucky that I happened to come across him and got him to read a contract offered by my business partner before I signed it. He spotted many disadvantageous provisions in the contract and advised me against signing it in full honesty, and thereafter explained the reason why not. He also personally negotiated with my partner to get a fairer deal for me. It was indeed a close shave, and I owe Mr Cheong my thanks.” Mr R. B. Shamsudin
“My business partner and I were clueless about how to start our food business. We then turned to Mr Jeremy Cheong for help with the most complicated part – the business contract. He was patient in explaining the both of us the terms drafted and even when each of us requested multiple amendments, he faithfully stuck with us to the end, and persevered in seeing our contract through to the end. Today, my business partner and I want to thank Mr Cheong for our harmonious business relationship.”Mr S. Murugan
“How Jeremy handled my case is remarkable and exceeded all my expectations! My business partner and I went into dispute about our firm’s production methods, and were on the verge of bringing the case to court. However, we chose to engage Jeremy to arbitrate our case, and he managed to help us settle our disputes and avoid high court fees and the complicated legal process. We managed to come to many compromises on the first session, and every session was productive and fruitful. Jeremy is indeed an excellent arbitrator, and I’m glad we had his help!”Mr O. Pascal
“Mr Cheong was a great help in helping one of my suppliers and I come to a settlement regarding unexpected circumstances which led to a disruption in supply of material to my firm. Neither of us wanted to go to court, so we hired Mr Jeremy Cheong because we have heard so much about his work in arbitration. In the end, he managed to secure a fair settlement between us, and we managed to move on from that incident. His work was indeed worthy of his reputation!” Mr K. Mathygayan
“Imagine my surprise when I returned from Korea to see that I was being sued for not paying my credit card arrears for two years! In my negligence, I had totally forgotten about paying. At a loss, I contacted Jeremy Cheong from IRB Law and he agreed to help me arbitrate my case. He helped convince the credit card company that I did not purposely avoid paying, and that it was an honest mistake on my part. In the end, they relented and allowed me to pay the arrears in instalments. I am astounded by the results of the arbitration, and I would definitely recommend anyone in need of such services to contact Jeremy!” Ms K. Foo
“Mr Cheong helped me avoid the repossession of my condominium as I had failed to pay my monthly instalments after losing my job. He managed to convince the developers that I was in dire straits, and that I would continue paying the instalments after I managed to find a job. Sure enough, I managed to find a job while retaining the roof over my family’s heads soon after the incident, and I am thankful to Mr Cheong for his help.” Mr R. B. Rahman
“I managed to claim for my broken leg after a speeding car had crashed into me with Jeremy’s help. My insurance company was initially reluctant to pay and they argued that I should be claiming from the driver’s insurance company instead. Jeremy was relentless in arguing about why I should be compensated accordingly, and I could feel his passion in helping his clients whenever I interacted with him. Eventually, the judge ruled in my favour, and I managed to get my claim. Thank you, Jeremy!”Ms Ang C. W.
“Jeremy was instrumental in helping me settle a dispute between my previous employer and myself. I was dismissed despite my numerous contributions to the company, and I felt that I was entitled to some compensation. I consulted Jeremy and he agreed to take up my case. I was rather unsure, this being the first time I was engaging legal assistance, but Jeremy was very patient with me and advised me on the feasibility of my requests. Eventually, he managed to persuade my employer to provide me some compensation in light of my contributions, and I am very grateful to him for his help!”Ms P. Kannan
“Mr Cheong’s effort in helping to draft the purchase contract for the new property development my company had launched was nothing short of remarkable. The first draft he produced was already outstanding by itself, and I have yet to see any such draft as good as that. I accepted it immediately after Mr Cheong explained carefully the terms on the draft. I definitely will engage him for all my future projects!”Mr Chow L. H.

Jeremy is a partner at IRB Law LLP.

He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Law degree and was called to the Singapore Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor in 2006.

Jeremy has been in legal practice for 11 years and currently heads I.R.B. Law LLP’s dispute resolution practice group. His efficient and effective practice is able to provide effective and practical solutions to complex matters at reasonable rates.

In addition to civil and commercial litigation, Jeremy has particular expertise in international arbitration. He has extensive experience acting for large international contractors, companies and consultants in international arbitrations in Singapore, Malaysia and the South-East Asia region, as well as in more distant jurisdictions such as India, China and Romania. An expert negotiator, he will fight tirelessly to safeguard his clients’ interests.

Jeremy’s team handles a wide range of disputes, including domestic and international arbitration; construction, infrastructure and engineering matters; Building and Construction industry matters;  Security of Payment Act adjudications; sale of goods; debt recovery (both corporate and individual); landlord-tenant disputes; personal injury claims; shareholder disputes; insolvency and debt restructuring (companies and individuals); defamation; employment matters; and general corporate and commercial litigation

Over the years, Jeremy has also developed a speciality practice in probate and estate planning such as the drafting of wills, testamentary trusts, estate administration and the setting up of trusts.

Jeremy is respected by both peers and clients for his professionalism, expertise and unique ability to provide effective solutions.  In particular, he is valued by clients for his expert advice and is regularly engaged to gives talks on a range of legal subjects, including providing information to local and international investors on the Singapore’s legislative and corporate framework. Jeremy is an excellent communicator and is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.

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