Lee Shen Han

Lee Shen Han

Associate, Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore (2017)

Areas of Practice
Family Law
– divorce
Civil Litigation
– trademark law
– intellectual property law
Probate / Letters of Administration / Resealing of Foreign Grants
Bankruptcy / Insolvency
Employment Law
Defamation Law

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I sincerely like to thank Shen Lee for his valuable advice on resolving issues with my former employer. I called up Mr. Mohd Baiross IRB Law LLP to seek advice after reading about the many good reviews . Mr. Baiross refers me to Shen Lee who is part of his legal team . I was very stressed and really was having sleepless nights prior to meeting Shen Lee. My first meeting with Shen Lee was very reassuring. Shen Lee is patient and he listened to my case and genuinely placed my interests first . He put me at ease and assured me that there is a way out. Throughout the case, he is very professional with his prompt follow through. My case was resolved with his legal help . I am impressed with his professional legal service that comes with a genuine personable care. I am so glad that he handled my case.Alvin Chin, 26 October 2017
A very reliable lawyer that will advise and have suggestions tru the case. Prompt in update of his client. A very flexible person. Will resolve your case in no time. Mine is already solved. Thank you! Recommended to people out there who need a lawyer.Azman Bin A Mueiz, 5 October 2017
Shen Han is a truly dedicated lawyer in helping me get through the whole process of the divorce process. I was struggling with filling up the legal documents but Shen Han patiently took me through the whole procedure. He was also concerned with the well-being of my children throughout and ensured that they were not under unnecessary stress. I am happy that I have engaged his services which has helped me in getting though the whole process. Thank you, Shen Han.Ms Lim
Shen Han has provided me with immense guidance as a business person. I have engaged him to draft a partnership contract between my firm and other business partners. He has explained clearly about the terms required for a business contract. He has provided a commercially viable perspective to me and not just a purely legal aspect. His knowledge regarding my field of work was what has struck him apart from others.Mr. Tan
Shen Han has helped me a great deal while I was applying for the grant of probate. The application process very complex and difficult to comprehend for a normal person like me. However, he has been very helpful in taking the time to explain the proper format of documentation and ensuring that my details are correct. The service was excellent and he provided constant and timely updates where available. Truly satisfied with the excellent service and would highly recommend him to anyone requiring legal services.Mr. J. Sin
Thanks for the wonderful service provided by Shen Han in helping my firm obtain damages against another party for “passing off” our trademarks. The service rendered was impeccable and really worth recommending to others. He was extremely helping in ensuring that there had been goodwill present in our trademarks by looking through our financial accounts. He had been efficient in submitting the relevant documents to the court and ensure that the case proceeded on without delays.Annabelle Yew
Shen Han has been a great help and counsel to me throughout my trial. As a young offender, I was unaware of the legal procedures and dealing of the law. Shen Han went through the extra mile and pointed out to me the relevant offence I had committed in the statute. He ensured that I was fully prepared for the trial by going through the affidavit with me. On top of that, he managed to convince the judge that I should be given a lighter sentence as a first-time offender. I would recommend Shen Han as he takes the extra effort to further educate me on the law. He has encouraged me to turn over a new leaf after my jail term.Peter Lim
After consulting a number of lawyers we finally met Shen Han. While we struggled to explain our business model to other lawyers and for them to comprehend what we really wanted, with Shen Han it was so easy. We felt that the entire process was made so much easier, given Shen Han’s knowledge of the new rising business models around Singapore. He was able to articulate effectively the various issues we raised. We are very pleased with the White Paper and the shareholder agreement. We will definely approach Shen Han again if we need any legal advice on our future business contracts. Mr. Tan Chee Meng
I just want to thank Shen Han for his professionalism and diligence on working my case. I was owed overtime from an employer and he found things that I missed. At first, I thought that I would not be able to claim the remaining pay that had been owed. However, Shen Han had gone through all the relevant documents and picked up things that I have missed and made it possible. I am very grateful, for his enthusiasm on working my case and satisfied with the service.Raja Tan
I have never been involved in anything like this before, but I am so thankful that I picked your firm to handle the case for me. Shen Han was extremely helpful and always prompt in making or returning phone calls to me. My only regret is that I did not call him sooner. I tried for months to handle things on my own regarding the debt recovery but nothing had progress. Upon contacting Shen Han, he has effectively facilitated the case and helped me with a great deal in documentation.Kristine Seow
We had a matter which went on to the mediation platform. Shen Han assisted us to reach a prompt and fair settlement. The outcome of the mediation had a very positive effect on our company. The mediation process had saved my firm a lot of money and Shen Han had been explaining how the whole procedure would work. The law firm handled our case in an extremely competent and professional manner.Miss Oh
I needed a service agreement that was unique to my business, an e-commerce service technology company. Shen Han was able to provide applicable advice on how to protect my business in the ever fast changing social media landscape. I like Shen Han approachable format, overall the firm made a great effort.Angeline Tan
Doing a will is actually easy with the help of a lawyer. I have been putting it off, thinking that it was difficult and cumbersome to execute. I had consulted IRB website and has decided to approach them to help with the process. Shen Han’s follow up was excellent. I submitted my details to Shen Han and the next moment, I was at Shen Han’s office signing my Will. Shen Han made the effort to explain the key points of the WILL. To my surprise executing a will was so simple, and not complicated as I had thought. I encouraged you to spare this little time to get your will done with IRB law LLP.Mr. Chew
My divorce was finalized a few years ago. I am grateful Shen Han “held my hand” and provided expert guidance and advice throughout that very difficult experience. I engaged them in helping me to get full custody of my children and changing the maintenance clauses. Shen Han always kept me informed and took pains to make sure that I fully understood the legal process, my options and the consequences of each option I took. Talking to Shen Han was like talking to my friend. I was impressed how Shen Han was always so well-prepared and meticulous in terms of presenting the information/facts needed to support my case.Miss Ow
Shen Han was well versed with both local and international trade mark protection. Shen Han was headstrong on issues that he feels will represent our best interest. Balancing deal making with legal consideration is something that we business people really look for in good lawyers and he hit the bull’s eye with this. We hit off our partnership on the right note. I would recommend their services because the firm has a friendly but serious culture.James Lim
Shen Han was a persistent lawyer and shed hope to my drink driving case. I was charged with both drink driving and damaging of property while drink driving. Shen Han was resourceful enough to help gather evidence from my neighbor’s car’s video footages and found out that I had not actually damage someone property. As such, I did not have to face jail term and had my charge withdrawn. Thank you Shen Han for taking the extra effort in helping me gather evidence. Matthew Lee
I would recommend Shen Han to anybody else. I admire the fact that he is open with the charges provided for each document being submitted to court. I have engaged him for insolvency legal issues. Unlike other firms, where there is no transparency, he ensures that before the submission of each letter or document, he will ring me up to ensure that I am alright with the price and proceeding on. This is quality that I admire from Shen Han as the prices are openly shared to me.Mrs. Lam
“Shen Han is a truly dedicated and professional family lawyer. My divorce case was an emotionally draining one, as my spouse had refused to sign the divorce papers, but Shen Han managed to help me in getting the case to proceed in court. He was also concerned with the well-being of my children throughout the process, ensuring that they were not exposed to unnecessary stress. I don’t know how I would’ve managed this case without him. Thank you, Shen Han!”Ms P. Low

Lee Shen Han is an associate at I.R.B. Law LLP. At a time when specialization in the law seems to have become a catchphrase, Shen Han is a throwback to a simpler time when lawyers were “generalists” and worked closely with their clients.

As a “generalist”, his focus is on civil and family matters, with a side practice in trade mark work. He also has a keen interest in technology and startups, and can assist your company in developing a sound legal infrastructure. Even if you’re bootstrapping your startup and not looking for venture capital, it always helps to have a proper legal framework in place.

With this keen interest comes a belief that technology can be married with legal work so that it can be done better, faster and with lower costs. However, unlike the many naysayers out there, he doesn’t believe that the legal industry is “broken” or ripe for “disruption”. Enough buzzwords already. People are always going to need lawyers. They just want affordable and more efficient ones.

Before he became a lawyer, Shen Han spent a number of years navigating the numerous pitfalls in the financial markets as a stockbroker. Now, he navigates the processes of the Singapore court systems, and the potential pitfalls are just as numerous. If you’re looking for someone to help you find your way around these processes, he’ll be more than happy to assist.

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