Rebecca Chia

Rebecca Chia

Associate, Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore

Areas of Practice
Civil Litigation
– Defamation
– Debt recovery
Commercial Law
– Company insolvency
– Construction
– Corporate fraud
Criminal Litigation
Bankruptcy (for both creditors and debtors)
Family Law
– Divorce

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Awesome Lawyer.Patient and do work with due diligence. Efficient and meticulous.Proffesional and understand clients requirements.Higly recommend.SEAN
“Rebecca helped me to draft my first contract when I was starting out as a businessman. At that point of time, I needed all the help I could get, as I did not know the legal workings of business. Rebecca explained everything to me in layman’s terms, and was always ready to answer my questions and clear my doubts in a professional manner.”Mr Heng W.K.
“I really wanted to recover at least part of the assets my father had left for me that I had invested in my business, when it folded up. I therefore engaged Ms Rebecca Chia from IRB Law to help me with my insolvency filing. She exceeded my expectations by helping me recover over 80% of my investments. With this, I am confident that I can start my business again when the economy is better.” Mr G. Teh
“I solved a huge dispute between my business partner and I with Rebecca’s help. It was a very heated episode, and we were both inclined to take each other to Court. Luckily, we decided to engage Rebecca and give arbitration a shot. She was a calming voice of reason who helped us understand where each other was coming from. Thanks to her, we managed to avoid massive legal and Court fees! What a relief!” Mr H.C. Choo
“Rebecca agreed to take on my case in the midst of financial uncertainty when I was just retrenched from my job. I knew I might not be able to pay her, yet she told me not to worry about the legal costs. She fought for my previous employer to compensate me with fervent passion nonetheless, and was ultimately victorious.”Ms H. Kumar
“Rebecca’s legal advice is easy to understand and execute, even for people with no understanding of legal workings whatsoever. She guided me step-by-step in acquiring my business partners’ shares, and told me what I could do within the legal framework. I followed her advice exactly, and the results speak for themselves.”Ms L. Yee
“Ms Chia is a flexible lawyer who is able to customise plans to fit her clients’ needs. With my ex-partner owing me huge amounts of money, I could not afford to pay legal fees immediately. Ms Chia arranged it such that I could pay her after my debt was successfully recovered even though there was guarantee that it would be ultimately successful. It was, though, and I could afford to pay her in the end.”Mr H. Mathy
“My partner and I had a falling-out and she wanted to take over my shares in the company. Luckily, I hired Rebecca from IRB Law LLP. Not only did she provide me full knowledge of my legal rights, she also pointed out what would be relevant to my case and what we could use to prevent this. As a result, I was able to effectively prevent this takeover.” Mr B. Murugan
“Rebecca is a lawyer with integrity who is focused on the task at hand. When one of my ex-employees took action against my firm claiming that we did not compensate him properly, Rebecca was approached by him and was promised some sort of deal. She refused and said that her duty was to her clients. This could have made or broke our case, and I am thankful for her integrity!” Ms Teo Y.K.
After months of having my salary withheld, I decided that it was time to take legal action against my employer. I approached Devaraj from IRB Law and he exceeded my expectations by making the process so painless. He managed to convince my employer to issue my salary by telling them why it would be prudent to do so in his Letter of Demand. I am very glad with Devaraj’s approach with my matter, he helped me save so much money in legal fees by steering my matter away from litigation. I could not be happier with the outcome.David
“Closing my father’s company was the most painful decision I’ve ever had to make. Ms Chia knew this, and was sensitive in her dealings with me. She kept me informed about the progress of my case, and ensured that I was comfortable with the pace. She even encouraged me to restart the business with part of the investments she had retrieved for me. Very personal lawyer indeed!” Mr T. Ursula
“I’m glad I chose Ms Rebecca Chia from IRB Law to arbitrate between my shareholders and I when we had a huge dispute. They were intent on kicking me out of the partnership, and Ms Chia managed to convince them to let me stay on. She is a diplomatic lawyer who is able to provide balanced assessments to her clients and is definitely recommended.”Ms I. Latha
“Rebecca is a lawyer who is devoted to her clients and puts in a lot of effort for them. While settling my case, I saw her frequently shuttling between my office and my shareholders’, even on the weekends. I am touched by her dedication, and I think she has gone beyond and above the call of duty to us.” Mr M. Journeyman
“Rebecca is a patient lawyer and this trait of hers deserves commendation. Initially, I was rather hesitant about disclosing my assets in full to her. However, Rebecca, instead of losing her cool, patiently advised me on why this disclosure is necessary. Despite this, she regarded me the respect of a client all throughout. Truly a lawyer dedicated to her job!”Ms P. Ganasan
“I was very fortunate to have had Ms Rebecca Chia from IRB Law represent me when I was sued for not fulfilling my contractual obligations. She studied the contract meticulously and managed to find enough information to piece together a good defence. She is attentive to details, and this trait helped save me so much in terms of damages!”Mr U. Ramasamy
“I have had the honour for Rebecca Chia to arbitrate my case of debt. She managed to convince my debtors to give me a grace period in lieu of my immediate financial difficulties, and she did so by explaining how this grace period would be mutually beneficial.”Mr G. Hubert
“Ms Chia has been a great help and counsel to me throughout my trial. As a young offender, I was very unsure of the dealings of the law. Ms Chia explained everything clearly and made sure that I was given the best defence possible. On top of that, she managed to convince the judge that I should be given a lighter sentence as a first-time offender. I am truly grateful to her, and I promise to use this second chance she has helped fight for to the fullest!”Mr Lim P. T.

Rebecca has worked as an associate at I.R.B. Law LLP since September 2015. She attended Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia where she studied law. While there, Rebecca developed a keen interest in trial advocacy, which she expressed through her participation in the Murdoch University Moot Court Bench (MCB) from August 2009-June 2010. Her passion for law translated onto her stellar performance in the mooting competition finals and onward in her present legal career.

Rebecca graduated Murdoch University with Bachelor’s degree in Law in 2012 and completed her training at Kelvin Chia Partnership. In her time there, she focused on civil litigation and commercial law. Additionally, she was exposed to and did work in admiralty.

In April, she joined Gabriel Law Corporation as a legal associate. There, she furthered her practice in civil litigation, namely injury compensation claims, construction law, family law, and criminal litigation. Rebecca was admitted to the Singapore Bar as an advocate and solicitor before joining I.R.B. in 2015.

Upon commencing practice at I.R.B., Rebecca has proven herself to be a dynamic asset to the firm and especially to her clients. She is fluent in English and Mandarin and knows basic Hokkien. In all of her cases, she offers her clients clarity in all of their legal concerns. Her clients know Rebecca as a very sharp and straightforward lawyer, always explaining matters thoroughly so that her clients proceed with a deep understanding of their rights and legal avenues. Her experience at various law firms as well as with clients makes Rebecca a well-trained lawyer with a remarkable record of success and satisfaction.

Rebecca Chia is an I.R.B. lawyer who acts with integrity and is always willing to assist you though any issues in her realm of expertise.

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