Rebecca Vathanasin

Rebecca Vathanasin

Associate, Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore

Areas of Practice
Family Law
– Civil
– Syariah
Civil Litigation

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Awesome Lawyer.Patient and do work with due diligence. Efficient and meticulous.Proffesional and understand clients requirements.Higly recommend.SEAN

Ms. Rebecca Vathanasin is a distinguished associate at I.R.B. Law LLP. She joined the firm in October 2015, and has early on proven herself to be a nimble and sharp-witted legal practitioner.  Prior to her admission to the Singapore bar, Ms. Vathanasin studied at the University of Manchester, where she pursued her interests in family law, as well as public international law and medical law.

It is interesting that prior to attending law school, she attained a diploma in business management, specialising in human resource management. Thereafter, she became a legal secretary and has worked her way up ever since. In effect, she has been in the legal profession since 2008 and her well rounded training makes her one of the most experienced, personable and client-preferred lawyers at I.R.B. Law. Her legal expertise and charisma applies to every one of her cases without fail and reflect in her outstanding client satisfaction rate. She is also able to assist her clients in both English and Mandarin.

Ms. Vathanasin serves clients in areas of family law (both civil and Syariah), civil litigation, as well as bankruptcy. She is extremely experienced, particularly in family law and had previously worked on the landmark Court of Appeal case, ADP v ADQ.

Ms. Vathanasin genuinely enjoys her legal profession and her place here at I.R.B. She has a strong appreciation for challenges and unpredictability in her day-to-day missions. She takes pride in listening to and fostering attorney-client relationships and feels rewarded when she’s able to offer solace to her clients in their times of need.

In her leisure time, she studies Farsi as a third language.

Ms. Rebecca Vathanasin is an I.R.B. lawyer who acts with integrity and would be willing to assist you through any issues in her realm of expertise.

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