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Rebecca Vathanasin

Associate, Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore

Ms. Rebecca Vathanasin is a distinguished associate at I.R.B. Law LLP. She joined the firm in October 2015, and has early on proven herself to be a nimble and sharp-witted legal practitioner.  Prior to her admission to the Singapore bar, Ms. Vathanasin studied at the University of Manchester, where she pursued her interests in family law, as well as public international law and medical law.


It is interesting that prior to attending law school, she attained a diploma in business management, specialising in human resource management. Thereafter, she became a legal secretary and has worked her way up ever since. In effect, she has been in the legal profession since 2008 and her well rounded training makes her one of the most experienced, personable and client-preferred lawyers at I.R.B. Law. Her legal expertise and charisma applies to every one of her cases without fail and reflect in her outstanding client satisfaction rate. She is also able to assist her clients in both English and Mandarin.


Ms. Vathanasin serves clients in areas of family law (both civil and Syariah), civil litigation, as well as bankruptcy. She is extremely experienced, particularly in family law and had previously worked on the landmark Court of Appeal case, ADP v ADQ.


Ms. Vathanasin genuinely enjoys her legal profession and her place here at I.R.B. She has a strong appreciation for challenges and unpredictability in her day-to-day missions. She takes pride in listening to and fostering attorney-client relationships and feels rewarded when she’s able to offer solace to her clients in their times of need.


In her leisure time, she studies Farsi as a third language.


Areas of Practice


Family Law

  • Civil
  • Syariah

Civil Litigation



Ms. Rebecca Vathanasin is an I.R.B. lawyer who acts with integrity and would be willing to assist you through any issues in her realm of expertise.


“Rebecca Vathanasin is a highly thorough, informative, and pleasant person to work with – particularly in periods of stress and duress. I came to her seeking help for a Divorce and she gave excellent counsel and all legal matters were resolved within 6 months. She laid out her plan and fees and never diverted or went out of touch – I was not asked to do more than provide key documents and turn up at key times. As a busy professional going through a difficult personal situation this was vital and highly appreciated help. I would recommend her legal services to anyone seeking quick and final resolutions of any nature. Her offices were also in a conveniently central location as well. She is a lawyer with a difference and I have utmost confidence that you will not find such quality service and attention to detail and understanding at any other firm.

– Shan Carew Edwin “

“When i decided to use IRB, I had selected Baiross but Rebecca advised that she would be handling my case, i was a little unsure but it turn out be better than i expected.

Rebecca was  attentive to my needs, paid great attention by remembering little details and was just super efficient and very quick to respond to my queries via phone or email at any time of the day. Couldn’t be more satisfied!

Thank you so much!

– Rosheila Ariffin”

” Rebecca was an invaluable help to me during my very difficult and protracted legal battles with my former spouse. She was extremely diligent, always going the extra mile to ensure documents were completed and filed on time, and very responsive to all my requests. On top of that her calm and compassionate manner made a difficult time a little easier to cope with. I am very grateful to her.

– Daljit”

“As my representing lawyer, Rebecca delivered an outstanding professionalism highlighting to me the legal aspects to note throughout my case. A personal touch which added assurance to me was that she kept me updated on the dot throughout all correspondences which was beyond what a lawyer would do on normal circumstances.

Highly recommended and responsible lawyer!

– Kyenne Lee”

I have recently received the judgment from the Family Courts for my divorce case. From a seemingly hopeless scenario, to the point I consulted Rebecca, it is a ruling that is truly way, way beyond what I could expect. Not only does this conclude to my 3-year long tedious divorce process, bringing huge relief, this Court ruling has also very much restored my faith in the Singapore judicial system as well. This is all due to the hard work of Rebecca in making sure that everything was inside the documents and emotional guidance provided.

Ms. Tan

I have used Rebecca’s services for divorce / maintenance matters. I have met several lawyers before that and among others I found that Rebecca had a sincere desire to help. Rebecca had a personalized approach towards handling my case even though I was struggling with finding time to going down to the office. Rebecca made things better by allowing me to contact her with other methods rather than dropping in the office. The support provided by her helped me got over the divorce process smoother.

Ms. Lim

I have started my engagement with Rebecca and found her to be highly professional and dedicated. She met me even after office hours and during the weekends to present the best viable strategy in my case. The after-hours consultation was not being over charged and still charged as the usual visiting hours. This was to cater to my long working hours. As such, I highly recommend Rebecca.

Mr. SoHo

Rebecca represented me in my maintenance application at the family court. She helps defend me and secured a favorable outcome. The thing that inspired me was that she attempted to reach to an outcome which would benefit both my ex-spouse and myself. As she emphasized greatly on the children emotional well-being. She was efficient and meticulous and helped me and my ex-spouse reach to an amicable end.

Ms. Wong

I had approached Rebecca for her help on my divorce case late last year. After the first consultation, I was impressed by her presentation and approach to my case. Without much hesitation, l asked Rebecca to represent me. Appointing her as my lawyer did not disappoint me as she understood my position in regards to my children and I am glad that I eventually got what I wanted even though the defendant had also contested hard for the children. She ensured that the divorce process would not put too much pressure on the kids as well. Highly recommended.

Mr. Amin

I engaged Rebecca to assist me in my Syariah divorce. My case was rather different given that I am working overseas and unable to return to Singapore for the actual hearing. However, Rebecca assisted me in successfully persuading the Court and thankfully, the Court allowed my application. I am relieved that Rebecca had helped me fight for such a decision which save me the extra costs required to fly in and out of the country.


I engaged the services of Rebecca for to recover debt of a relatively small amount. Despite my case being a “small case”, Rebecca still maintain professionalism and offered the services through convenient means such as WhatsApp, phone calls and emails allowing me to continue to go to work instead of taking leave. Furthermore, Rebecca was very explicit in terms of the cost before drafting any form of letter of demand and further elaborate the different options I could take. Thank You Rebecca.

Mr. Foo

As a client who has had the pleasure of working with Rebecca, we are extremely pleased with her professional work. Rebecca possesses a sharp legal mind and pays attention to every single details of the case matter. She exhibits maturity and experience beyond her years. We believe that Rebecca conducts herself in an exemplary manner. We would have no hesitation to recommend her to any future clients who expect a smart professional legal service.

Christopher Foo

We have engaged Rebecca to act on our behalf while resident in Singapore. Rebecca has a superb understanding of Singaporean law and a great knowledge. She consistently provided us expert counsel and has a great ability to explain complex legal procedures into layman language and understandable terms. We have total faith in Rebecca and are delighted to have this opportunity to recommend her.

Connor Brian

We have engaged Rebecca to act on our behalf while resident in Singapore. Rebecca has a superb understanding of Singaporean law and a great knowledge. She consistently provided us expert counsel and has a great ability to explain complex legal procedures into layman language and understandable terms. We have total faith in Rebecca and are delighted to have this opportunity to recommend her.

Connor Brian

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