Practical preparations for a Divorce

Divorce can occasionally be a complicated matter. There are several practical things to consider in preparation for divorce. This article lists several of these considerations that may be relevant to you.


Before considering a divorce

Divorce is often considered to be a very significant decision to make, and will often have significant impacts on both the married couple looking to divorce, as well as those around them, such as their children or families. As such, divorce should usually only be considered after you have exhausted all other alternatives that may help salvage your marriage.

Many marital problems, ranging from a lack of communication, to unfulfilled expectations, resentment, or even what may be considered more significant, such as adultery or some forms of unreasonable behaviour, may be better resolved by having the parties involved try to resolve said issues among themselves amicably, or with the aid of a marriage therapist or counsellor, rather than with the drastic measure of resorting to divorce.

Only if the marital problems remain unresolved or continue to persist despite exhausting these alternatives, should you consider divorce as a measure you need to resort to deal with said issues.


When should you consider divorce?

Divorce should generally not be something to be considered in the heat of the moment. Rather, the decision to have a divorce should be arrived at clearly and unemotionally. In particular, one should not consider divorce as a response to trivial issues such as a dislike for one’s spouse’s general quirks or faults.

To be granted a divorce, the marriage between you and your spouse must have broken down irretrievably. In other words, many of the elements necessary in marriage, including trust between partners, commitment to the marriage and other long-term common goals and the like should no longer be present in the marriage.

If the state of your marriage is as such, it may be time to consider a divorce. However, if the state of your relationship has not reached the stage of being “irretrievably broken down”, it may be best to seek alternative measures to deal with the problems in your marriage, such as seeking a marriage counsellor.


What do you need to prepare to file for divorce?

Several pieces of documentation are instrumental when trying to get a divorce. It would be best to have these documents on hand before filing for a divorce.

First, you should gather all documents that deal with you and your spouse’s finances that can be used as evidence when dealing with the splitting of matrimonial assets or even ancillary matters including child maintenance. These documents may include:

– Independent valuations of all joint marital assets and liabilities;

– Bank account statements;

– Income tax returns;

– Cheque ledgers reflecting significant expenses paid during the course of the marriage; and

– Proof of tax records, assets and debts

It is recommended that in preparing the necessary documentation, you consult a lawyer so as to be provided with an estimate as to how costly the divorce proceedings will be, as well as the likely outcomes of such a hearing. The lawyer will also be able to advise you as to your rights during the proceedings, and can also advise you on what to ask for from your spouse.

You would also be well served if you and your spouse are able to produce proposed mortgage and/or parenting plans that can aid in expediting the divorce proceedings and minimise disputes.


Planning for after the divorce

It is also advisable to focus on matters beyond the divorce. You may wish to seek a financial planner or someone similar to obtain information about post-divorce financial matters. You may also need to make new occupational or residential arrangements, and should plan accordingly.


How We Can Help

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