Say No To Overpaying For A Simple Name Change

IRB Law LLP provides a simple, straightforward, and hassle free Deed Poll process for you to change your name easily in Singapore. Our offices are located 10 mins away from ICA building, where you can go to submit your deed poll document when it’s ready.

Why Choose IRB Law?

IRB Law is one of the very few select Law Firms in Singapore that aims to provide simple services at affordable prices. We believe that everyone should have access to the law, and not have to pay exorbitant amounts simply for changing their name. Our friendly lawyers will walk you through the process to change your name in Singapore.

Our Team Of Lawyers

Jeremy Cheong


Mohamed Fazal Bin Abd Hamid


Mohamed Baiross


Rebecca Chia

Why Do People Change Their Name

You’re Newlywed

You have just been married, and would like to adopt part of your husband’s name.

Your Child’s Name

You have a child who’s below 21 years of age, and you wish to change his/her name.

Chinese or Tamil Characters

You want to change the Chinese or Tamil characters in your name for some reason.

Auspicious Reasons

You’ve been advised to change your name for auspicious reasons, and a change of fortune.

Change Of Religion

You’ve just changed your religious beliefs, and want to change name to suit your religion.

Change Of Sex

You’re a transgender, and you want to change your name to better suit your identity.

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