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Cherie Tan


Cherie’s primary focus is on matrimonial matters where her empathy, sensitivity and patience has won her many cases involving divorce, maintenance and custody. Cherie comes to law with a strong inclination towards traditional notion of justice and a profound respect for its establishment.

With international experience and involvement in a range of law firms, Cherie is skilled in her art. She is passionate about her work and her dedication towards her clients defines who she is. With a strong work ethic, Cherie’s interest in law stems from her belief that everyone deserves a fair trial despite their socioeconomic background, demographic origins or purported culpability. With this disposition, she is committed to representing her clients to the best of her ability with a focus on the human element of a technical profession.

Beyond the workplace, Cherie enjoys partaking in community initiatives and animal welfare causes. In her free time, Cherie appreciates travelling to new places and learning about new cultures. From traveling across Australasia and Europe, she aspires to backpack across the world.

Besides being dual qualified to practice law in both Singapore and Western Australia, Cherie volunteers her time with Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) and Legal Aid Bureau.

Working Languages:

English, Chinese, Hokkien


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