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Cherie’s primary focus is on matrimonial matters where her empathy, sensitivity and patience has won her many cases involving divorce, maintenance and custody.

Cherie comes to law with a strong inclination towards the traditional notion of justice and a profound respect for its establishment. With international experience and involvement in a range of law firms, Cherie is skilled in her art. She is passionate about her work and her dedication towards her clients defines who she is.

With a strong work ethic, Cherie’s interest in law stems from her belief that everyone deserves a fair trial despite their socioeconomic background, demographic origins or purported culpability. With this disposition, she is committed to representing her clients to the best of her ability with a focus on the human element of a technical profession.

She is dual-qualified to practice law in both Singapore and Western Australia.

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English — Chinese — Hokkien

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Recent Testimonials

  • S T

    I went to 2 different matrimonial lawyers for my divorce before I found Cherie Tan. she always takes time to listen and unlike my previous lawyers, I found that she always gets back to me quickly, which was something I appreciated very much. She will also take the time to let me know what are my next steps and my available options and advise on the pros and cons so that I get a clearer picture of what I am...

    getting into. Shopping for a suitable lawyer that I can entrust with the care and control of my child was not an easy task. Cherie did a very good job and eased my worries.

  • Lee Ai Dee

    Hi Cherie 妳好,谢谢妳非常专业并有效率的幫我处理了我的离婚事项。妳的幫忙让我能够做到对孩子的承诺,住在原来的家,並在不影响他们日常生活下与他们的父亲离异。我和孩子都过得很好,非常感恩妳专业的服务

  • Claire

    Cherie is a knowledgeable lawyer that handled my divorce case. She listens and whenever I have queries, she will answer them objectively and straight to the point. She will provide many options available and once I make up a decision, she will stand by me. A good lawyer is important and I thank you for supporting me through my divorce proceeding.

  • Michael Williams

    I had engaged the services of IRB for my matrimonial divorce proceedings recently in 2018. During the process, Ms Cherie Tan was my lawyer giving me advice and she did it very well and advised me my options and drafted the documents professionally. However after she sent the divorce notice to my wife we decided to reconcile and the process was terminated without further action, I think that Cherie is a good...

    lawyer and I would not hesitate to engage her for any legal advice or service I require if the need arises.

  • Gin Ho

    Efficient and quality service provided by Cherie Tan. She was professional and knowledgeable, ensuring that she provided great advice. The fees were very reasonable for the quality of service provided.

  • G.P

    I engaged Cherie for my matrimonial matters early last year – from the get-go, Cherie was extremely professional and gave great advice. I truly appreciated the approach that Cherie stands for, which was to keep things simple and straightforward for a smoother process and it couldn’t have been truer. Throughout the process, I did not have to do many follow-ups as Cherie would ensure that I am duly updated...

    every step of the way. She is well aware of the stresses that come with such matters for her clients and takes it upon herself to give appropriate counsel that helps. I would highly recommend Cherie if anyone is looking for legal counsel on matrimonial matters.

  • Ms Wang

    Ms Cherie was my second lawyer actually because my first one was so arrogant that she did not bother asking me any questions during the first consultation. Cherie is indeed very responsive and responsible during the entire period of my case. She gave constructive advice and execute each step promptly. I do not wish much people get into this stage of divorce but if life hits you with this need, she is definitely...

    aside you.

  • Leow Shimin

    Cherie was very helpful when I needed advice in regards to a contract dispute. I did not expect her to reply so swiftly and thorough even though it is in the middle of the night. She is very honest and candid so you will definitely feel intimidated. Definitely, recommend anyone who needs counsel or seeking legal representation.

  • Serene Lum

    I want to say Thank You for the assistance and comfort received from Cherie. No one wishes to be in a divorce situation, or in my case, a complicated one. Cherie has given me very clear advises on the fees, outcomes and implications. She demonstrated empathy and compassion, helping me through my negotiations, interim and final. Cherie’s honesty and integrity are one of the reasons I recommended I.R.B Law LLP....


  • Raj Kumar

    Cherie Tan has provided legal advice and guidance during my difficult situation. I found her to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable and honest. While working with Cherie, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and she did not steer me wrong. I would highly recommend Cherie to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs...

    at the forefront. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.

  • Albert

    Cherie is a knowledgeable and approachable good lawyer who I engaged to help with my divorce case. Before I decided to officially seek for her professional help, I consulted a few other good lawyers’ legal advice and also the State Court CJC as well. I was so stressed out and lost when my partner wanted to divorce me on a short notice! Legal Advice was never easy for me to understand especially when I was...

    so worn out mentally and emotionally by my partner. Some lawyers are good in fighting for my benefits completely totally while some seemed a bit soft sided. I needed a balanced legal representative and Cherie is the most suitable for me. Yes, I needed to win the case but not totally all out, as my kids will suffer. Cherie can see the balance I needed and advised me clearly on the pros and cons. She replies promptly and patiently to all my questions. She executes prompt follow ups too and updates me regularly on my case’s progress. Most importantly, I’m able to communicate well with Cherie thus I chose her as my Legal Representative.

  • Philip Hughes

    Cherie Tan was on the team of my divorce lawyers. During the divorce process, there were some very complicated financial reports by third party accountants that had to be produced for my reply affidavits. She explained to me in laymen’s terms what it all meant and give me a good overall picture when I was overwhelmed with paperwork trying to understand it all from a legal standpoint. I was surprised that she...

    not only had a good grasp on matrimonial matters but also in financial and business concerns since I own my own business and had possible civil disputes in addition to my matrimonial matters. Cherie is also very understanding and compassionate and ready to help someone who does not understand what is going on. I highly recommend her to anyone who is a businessman/woman that is going through a divorce with complicated issues.

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