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Mina Nagapan


A career built on compassion: Compassionate caregiver to dedicated advocate

Mina is an extraordinary professional who journeyed from a dedicated nurse to a passionate lawyer, exemplifying a unique blend of empathy and advocacy. Mina’s journey from nursing to the legal world is a testament to her dedication to service and justice.

Her approach to legal practice is characterized by empathy, diligence and a relentless commitment to justice. She is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and ensuring that her clients receive both expert legal representation and empathetic support.

Mina has deep experience working with distraught families. She understands people and their needs, especially when people are at their lowest point in their lives. She cares about her clients’ well-being and seeks the best outcome for them.

Mina earned her Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Law in 2022 Singapore University of Social Sciences and was admitted to the Singapore Bar in 2023.  She also has a Master of Nursing from the National University of Singapore.

Working Languages:

English, Tamil, Malay

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