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Singapore is renowned as one of the world’s leading business hubs and financial centres, with a stellar legal system that safeguards investments and attracts business investors from all over the world.

With robust but stringent corporate law in place, every successful business needs a well-rounded, experienced commercial lawyer who is up-to- date with the laws to handle its legal business.

At I.R.B. Law, we are a team of specialist commercial lawyers with years of experience in providing consistent high-quality legal advice to businesses large and small, across a wide variety of industries. Not only do our corporate lawyers possess a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks for a range of industries. Our corporate lawyers are also accomplished litigators with extensive trial experience, meaning that we are always prepared to fight for our clients.

We understand that in the corporate world, time is money. That is why our resourceful, adaptable legal team will always go the extra mile to provide you with the most effective solutions your legal issues require as quickly as possible.

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Commercial and corporate law can be highly complex. From business contracts to
employment disputes, it is important to seek legal advice before taking any major business

The advice of a skilled corporate lawyer is an asset to any business and can help to protect
your business and minimise unnecessary costs that you may incur in the long term.

A commercial lawyer can provide effective advice, identify significant risks, and assist in negotiating key terms in a transaction.

It is also important to remember that In Singapore’s increasingly litigious business
environment, a well drafted contract is like an insurance policy in the event of a legal
dispute. A corporate lawyer can help to draft new agreements and vet existing documents to safeguard your interests and minimise the risk of legal disputes in future.

Every company in Singapore is governed by the Companies Act, which contains provisions on corporate structures, disclosure requirements, directors’ duties and responsibilities to name, among many other areas.

However, this is only the start. Depending on the industry in which your business is involved, other forms of legislation could impact your business.

Examples include the Employment Act, Insurance Act, Workplace Safety and Health Act, Financial Advisers Act, and Factories Act.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your company complies with all of the relevant law. By providing compliant services, a corporate lawyer can help you to manage all of this legislation and avoid unnecessary lawsuits or even criminal charges.

What we can do to help

Legal Protection that You Can Rely On

As your business begins to grow, having lawyers experienced in business law is indispensable. Our team of commercial lawyers can assist you in ensuring that your contracts, employment agreements, taxes and business licences are all fully compliant with the requirements of Singapore law.

We understand that legal disputes can be harmful to a company’s development. That is why we believe in prevention before cure. Therefore, our team of commercial lawyers will help to anticipate and resolve legal issues by vetting your legal documents and ensuring that your processes are properly conducted. If unfortunate circumstances cause unexpected legal issues to arise, our corporate lawyers will be ready to provide support by advising you on the appropriate measures to take and working to minimise damage to your business and finances.

Shield your Business

As your business begins to grow and transit into corporate status, shareholder issues may come up. These issues may affect daily operations which can create additional problems. We will help to resolve the problem amicably so that its negative effects are not long-lasting.

If there are any issues with shareholders, company employees or management, having a company lawyer for corporate cases is going to be a lifesaver. It will always be a win-win situation when companies and corporations have a corporate attorney on their payroll. If any business owners or corporations are looking for legal specialists in company and business law, they can speak to our team at I.R.B Law.

About us

I.R.B. Law is recognised as a team of leading Singapore corporate lawyers with a track record of success in resolving commercial matters. Our lawyers have over a century of a combined experience as litigators and are ready to assist you with your corporate issue.

We firmly believe that everyone should be entitled to legal representation and be allowed the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and live life anew. Should you be in a position where you may need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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