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Do you have any signs, logos or symbols that you intend to use to identify your business with? Registering a trade mark will prevent others from stealing what is rightfully yours and this can be done by filing a trade mark of your sign, logo or symbol that is associated with your business. These processes can be rather tedious and complicated. One wrong step, and you may lose some of the rights that you intend to keep. Here at I.R.B Law, we pride ourselves at providing the best trade mark advice for your property. Our lawyers are trained and experienced in handling such matters.

We specialise in every aspect of Trade Mark Law, including:

  • – Suitability of marks for registration


  • – Trade mark application (local and international)


  • – Infringement of trade marks


  • – Opposition against pending trade marks for registration

We will assign an experienced trade mark lawyer who is familiar with the subject of the work and the sign, logo or symbol created. The lawyer assigned to you will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure that the trade mark process will be as smooth as possible. In the case of any legal complications, the same lawyer will be there to guide you throughout the process.

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A trademark represents any sign, logo or symbol that is capable of helping to set your business’ goods and services apart from other businesses. This can include any letter, word, name, signature, number, device, brand, heading, label, shape, colour, or a combination thereof.

To secure protection, a trade mark must be registered with Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS).

What are the Requirements That My Will Need to Be Registered?

There are 5 things to take note of:

1) Your marks must be distinctive of your business

2) Your marks must not be wholly descriptive

3) Must not be contrary to law or public policy

4) It should not be similar or identical to any existing trade mark which is registered

5) State emblems, flags and names of international organisations

A trade mark will be validated for a period of 10 years from the date of the application. Thereafter, the trade mark may be renewed for subsequent 10 year periods.

Yes, you can. Potential registrants can register a trade mark prior to the actual launch of the business to which the trademark relates.

Our lawyers at I.R.B are here to provide advice and help you identify the value of your mark, regardless of what industry you’re in. We’ll guide you through the confusing processes of consumer and product regulations, as well as media and advertising law. Let us do the heavy lifting in terms of conducting trade mark IP agreements and trade mark registration.

Trade mark registration can be a complicated and tedious process. We can help ease your troubles by drafting the required documents to ensure smooth sailing for the application and filing of your trademark.

If you suspect that your trade mark is being violated, or if you are involved in a dispute related to your trade mark, you can talk to us! Our team of experienced Intellectual Property lawyers will be able to assist in enforcing and resolving your trade mark disputes. We’ll protect your marks and businesses while providing urgent interim relief such as an injunction or an order for the removal or delivery up of the infringing items.

We’re always happy to help businesses commercialise their trade marks. Our lawyers are trained to cover the full spectrum of trade mark commercialisation and licensing across businesses. The type of license, scope of the license, conditions to be fulfilled by each party, the performance targets and the non-performance provisions will need to be discussed and mutually agreed upon before any trade mark commercialisation and licensing can occur for your business. Where we can come in, is that our IP lawyers from I.R.B will negotiate the terms of the license and ensure that you get the best deal possible.

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Does any of this seems confusing? Worry not. We at I.R.B Law are here to provide professional advice and guidance for you. Leave the complex application procedures to our dedicated team here and let us help you get your inventions protected.

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