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Ashwin Ganapathy – LLB

Associate, Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of Singapore

– Criminal Litigation
– Civil Litigation
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We approached I.R.B law soon after doing some researched on which law firm will be suitable to represent my father in court. We met up with Ashwin and laid out the case to him. Ashwin was available to guide us through the legal process and is highly professional and he is also a compassionate lawyer. He had helped my father through this difficult times and has lessen the charges.Hawa Resat, 1 April 2017
My sincere thanks goes to my excellent legal representative, Mr. Ashwin. I could not be happier with the results of my husband’s trial. Ashwin went above and beyond to assist my husband in getting a lighter sentence that we have been hoping for. His confidence in the court room never fail to impress me. He really made me feel like I am in good hands. Ashwin, never dissapoint and I am really proud and pleased. I knew all along that I made the right choice in appointing, Ashwin Ganapathy. Thumbs up.Lyanna Franco, 12 March 2017
The quality services I received at IRB Law Firm by Ashwin Ganapathy were remarkable. From the initial meeting, he was responsive to my calls, questions and concerns. All issues were handled professionally and timely. Billing rates were very reasonable. Ashwin represented me in court for the first time and I was very impressed. Ashwin is concise and very powerful with his words leaving no stone unturned. After seeing Ashwin in action in court, I had total confidence and that my settlement will exceed my expectations. I am very grateful for his high spirit during the court session representations. I highly recommend IRB – Ashwin. Thank you Ashwin.Sanjana, 20 February 2017
Ashwin has shown a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm from the first meeting right till the case closed. He was clear in his explanations and patient with our endless questions. We were grateful for his fighting spirit seen especially during representations and mitigations. All these had indeed contributed to successfully getting a lenient sentence that we had been praying for. Thank you very much Ashwin.Dianah Abdullah, 17 February 2017
Dear Ashwin Ganapathy & I.R.B LAW LLP ADVOCATES & SOLICITORS I wanted to express my grattitude for your effort and dedication for my case . Thank you for representing me well during the courtroom hearing and resolving the matter quickly out of Court . Thank you for your professionalism . My best wishes to you & the LAW FIRM the years to come . Sincerely ,Ibrahimsha Bin Ahakasah
“Ashwin is a reassuring presence in the midst of a hectic trial. When my husband and I fell out over the custody of our children, Ashwin helped to console me and assure me that everything would be alright. I felt safe entrusting the proceedings of the case to him, and he did not disappoint, as the judge eventually ruled in my favour. I probably would’ve broken down from all this stress if he hadn’t been around!”Ms Cheok J.S.
“Being in the legal industry myself, I know how much more Ashwin would’ve been able to earn had the case made it to trial. Yet, he gave this prospect up in order to help ensure the amicable settlement of the divorce between my wife and I. He helped convince my wife to agree to mediation instead of going to trial, and thankfully, it went well. He is a lawyer with integrity!”Mr Huang B.L.
“Ashwin’s precision with details helped save my life! My partner had slipped additional drugs into my bag without me knowing when I was caught, causing me to face the death sentence for trafficking. Ashwin, with the evidence he had, convinced the judge of this truth and managed to save me from the gallows. I owe my life to his meticulousness!”Ms J. Prasanth
“Mr Ashwin defended me when I had accidentally killed someone in self-defence. The details of the case were very complicated, yet he managed to sift through so many different bits and pieces to help me prove my point that I had acted in self-defence. His analytical skills were impressive and are what I owe my freedom to today.”Mr A.K. Pollard
“I want to thank Ashwin for his hard work in helping to finalise my divorce process. It was a long and drawn-out process as my ex-wife was dissatisfied with the maintenance proposed by mediators. Ashwin helped me fight for a reasonable level of maintenance payments given my limited financial means, and he was dauntless in fighting for my case in Court, despite my ex-wife’s insistence. If you need a lawyer who sees his cases through to the end, look no further!” Mr Ho C.R.
“I had received a summons for failing to pay my traffic fines on multiple occasions. At that time, I was strapped for cash, but Mr Ashwin from I.R.B Law LLP still agreed to take on my case. He managed to convince the judge to take into consideration my dire straits and have compassion on my case. Mr Ashwin truly has a heart for the needy!”Ms Yang H.W.
“I would have been left destitute because the Family Court ruled a large proportion of my matrimonial assets to be given to my ex-wife. During the appeal process, however, Ashwin managed to highlight my dire financial situation and convince the judge to award more of the assets to me so that I could survive financially until I found a permanent job. He is good at highlighting these points to ensure fairer judgements in clients’ favour. Highly recommended!” Mr K. Goh
“Ashwin is a family lawyer who cares, above all, for his clients. For my divorce case, despite my husband not agreeing to mediation, Ashwin managed to coax him to attend. The session turned out to be a successful one, and we managed to resolve most ancillary matters there. He is a good mediator, and will ensure a hassle-free divorce!”Ms L. Koh
“I did not know that I had bought drugs, and was therefore charged when the police raided my home. I was confused throughout the whole Court process, but luckily, I had Mr Ashwin representing me. He was clear-headed throughout, and was very adept at sifting out important details of the case. In the end, he managed to convince the judge of my innocence and I am now a free man thanks to his efforts.”Mr R.B. Jumaat
“Ashwin is a sensitive family lawyer who has the welfare of his clients at heart. He always ensured that my children were not subjected to too much scrutiny and that they were comfortable with the whole legal process. My family and I felt at ease with him handling the divorce proceedings, and I would definitely recommend him for a pain-free divorce.”Mr Hoe X.L.
“I am grateful for the second chance that Ashwin has won for me. I was charged for rioting, and was facing stiff sentences this was not my first offence. I engaged Ashwin, and I could tell he was fighting an uphill battle. Nevertheless, he was tireless in his efforts, and worked through the weekends to prepare my defence. In the end, he managed to reduce my prison sentence, and I have decided to turn over a new leaf because of all the effort he has put in for me.”Mr O. Widjaja
“I was too liberal with my romantic encounters, and it caught up with me when I was charged for statutory rape. I did not know her age, but the prosecution maintained that that was no excuse for my actions. Luckily, Mr Ashwin understood where I was coming from. I could tell he genuinely believed me, and managed to convince the Court to do so too. He makes the efforts to understand his clients, and fights to ensure that his clients’ voices are heard.”Mr P. Scallia
“Instead of looking down on his clients, Ashwin is a compassionate individual who sees us as equals. He understands where we are coming from, just like how he understood that I did not intend to kill the person I got into a fight with. Although my crime was very serious, he did not think any less of me, and still saw value in my side of the story. He is a humble lawyer who is dedicated to helping his clients.”Mr H. Low
“We are a humble family, so we were very worried when my daughter was caught for shoplifting. While we were fretting over legal fees, the Court assigned Mr Ashwin to help with our case. The first thing he assured us was the reasonable nature of the fees and payment methods. He assured us that he would not empty our coffers. At the same time, we appreciated the effort he put in to defend our daughter. We will make sure she remembers this debt of gratitude to Mr Ashwin.”Mrs D. Fernandez
“When my husband refused to sign the divorce papers, I knew that the divorce was going to be a long process. The part I was most afraid of was the legal fees I could accumulate over this period, but Ashwin from I.R.B. Law assured me that this was not a problem and that it could be discussed further. He puts the welfare of his clients first before any private monetary gain, and I am thankful to have had him handling my case!”Ms Ang J.L.

Ashwin graduated from the University of Tasmania. He completed his Relevant Legal Training and Practice Training under his mentor and managing partner of the firm, Mr. Mohamed Baiross, before being called to the Singapore Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor.

Ashwin has a keen interest in criminal matters particularly those involving violent crimes and drugs. Ashwin believes that every individual, including those who have been accused of heinous crimes, deserves legal representation and their day in court.

He takes pride in safeguarding his clients’ rights and interests. Keeping in mind that facing a criminal charge is an extremely stressful event, Ashwin ensures that his clients are heard and that they receive the best possible advice.

Ashwin has been involved in all types of criminal matters including High Court capital crimes. Ashwin’s criminal practice ranges from drafting of Letters of Representations to the Attorney-General’s Chambers to mitigating on behalf of his clients in open court.

Apart from criminal matters, Ashwin also handles matrimonial and civil disputes. He has a particular interest in the law of defamation and confidence.

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