Insurer of a Car Crash Agrees to Pay Victims

Insurer of a Car Crash Agrees to Pay Victims

Ex-SIA stewardess sues colleague, the driver in an accident that killed him and left her scarred. His insurer agrees to settle claim out of court.


A former Singapore Airlines stewardess sued her colleague for more than $500,000 after the car he was driving crashed, resulting in serious injuries to her, the High Court heard yesterday.

Miss Winnie Chng, 25, suffered multiple injuries to her face, spine and body when the Honda Civic driven by SIA steward Aloysius Khong Yung Yew, 23, was involved in an accident along Havelock Road on Sept 4, 1996.

Mr. Khong, who had consumed liquor earlier, died in the crash. Apart from Miss Chng, four others colleagues who were in the car were also hurt.

They were on their way to have supper after a night out at a pub and disco to celebrate another colleague’s birthday in Orchard Road.

One of the passengers, Mr. Wong Kok Keong, 28, also sued Mr. Khong and asked for more than $100,000 in damages.

Yesterday, both Miss Chng and Mr. Wong settled their claims out of court after the insurer of Mr. Khong’s car agreed to pay up to three quarters of their claims.

But the compensation will be determined at a hearing later.

Speaking to The Straits Times after her case, Miss Chng, who stopped working for SIA last year, said that her right hand is weak and that she suffers from chronic backaches now.

Apart from that, she has two long scars on her arm to remind her of the ordeal.

“My right arm was broken into three parts. There are four metal rods and 25 screws in there now.

“I was really in great pain in the hospital. When they gave me morphine, I asked for more to ease the pain,” she said.

Although she has gone for surgery for her face injuries, there are still faint scars on her forehead, upper lip, and cheek.

She said that she had been looking for a job but noted that she could not do heavy work or stand for a long time.

“Whenever I look in the mirror, I see my scars and am reminded of the accident. I get depressed. I’m trying my best to lead a normal life but it is difficult,” she said.

She added that she was hospitalized for three weeks after the accident. Since then, she has been returning to the hospital regularly for follow-up treatments.

She said that she has already spent all her $6,000 in savings on medical bills, and is hoping to look for part-time work to pay for her expenses.

Despite the pain and problems that she has experienced, she said that she does not blame Mr. Khong for causing the accident.

“I want to remember Aloysius the way he was –a friendly and jovial person,” she added.