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Mending a Broken Heart

Betrayal. Disbelief. Distrust. A broken heart learns all these and more. The broken heart also recognises or confirms these as it attempts to pick up the shattered pieces - or leave them altogether and attempts to rebuild itself from scratch as it goes on a healing...

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Regulating Emotions

How many emotions can you name? Emotions can be grouped into primary (basic) and secondary (complex)3. American psychologist Paul Ekman believes in 61 basic emotions and they are anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. Psychologist Robert Plutchik...

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Developing Awareness of Self

It’s a privilege to know yourself well. So much so that Viktor E. Frankl1 urges us to go on a lifelong journey in the discovery of ourselves. Brené Brown2 helps us to make sense and peace with our pasts; Dale Carnegie3 dedicates his life to sharing with us tips on how...

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Settling Things Amicably

It’s time to say goodbye. Whether you are bidding farewell to a loved one or a stranger, both you and the other party or parties have somehow managed to express to each other that you would like to part in a cordial manner. Perhaps you want to be able to stay friends...

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Getting a Closure Without a Closure

Perhaps you want an apology, or an explanation that satisfies you enough for you to move on. You feel frustrated, angry and confused among many other emotions as you replay past events in your mind and attempt to rationalise or troubleshoot what could have gone wrong;...

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Making Good Use of Fight, Flight and Freeze

What do you do when you are trapped? Is your first instinct to attack, run away or stay where you are? Although there are stark differences between you and flatfish, it may come to you as no surprise that the “bold” among us tend to adopt a “fight-flight” response and...

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Benefits of Counselling in Making Decisions

How long do you take to make a decision? What kind of outcome are you expecting as an effect of your decision? An article1 from the Harvard Business Review defines a decision as “great” through a few key points such as: Getting various opinions from people who can...

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