Deed Poll

Deed Poll

Changing your name in Singapore

Changing your name in Singapore is a relatively straightforward process via a legal document known as a deed poll. We will draft the deed poll for you, and submit to the ICA. You may complete our online deed poll form below, for payments made online we charge $78 nett, for payments made in person we charge $100 nett.

The deed poll is required before the authorities (for example the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) will update your records and process your change of name. If you’re not sure about the process or what can / cannot be changed, you may wish to contact us initially to confirm.

Deed Poll Fees
Change your name for $78 via our online form

How does our online deed poll service work?

Step 1 icon provide us with your details

Our simple, 5 minute online form enables you to submit all the necessary details to start the process.

Step 2 icon pay online

We’ll schedule a convenient time for you to come down to sign your prepared deed poll at our offices.

Step 3 icon get your will

You can then immediately (or whenever convenient) head to the ICA building to submit your deed poll. Its only 6 minutes walk.

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