Deed Poll

Changing your name in Singapore

Changing your name in Singapore is a relatively straightforward process via a legal document known as a deed poll. We have simplified this process by providing an online deed poll submission form. You simply complete this form, attend one of our offices to sign the document in the presence of a lawyer, and then submit the completed deed poll document to the ICA at Kallang.

If you can find a cheaper, more efficient deed poll service in Singapore, please let us know.

The deed poll is required before the authorities (for example the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) will update your records and process your change of name. If you’re not sure about the process or what can / cannot be changed, you may wish to contact us initially to confirm.

You may wish to review a number of FAQs further down in this page.

I'll give a 10 out of 5 stars. Applied for a deed poll at 9am and got it at 1pm on the same day! Thank you for your speed and efficiency.
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How does our online deed
poll service work?

Fill the form

Our simple, 5 minute online form enables you to submit all the necessary details to start the process.

Drop by office

A member of our team will contact you to arrange a suitable date/time with you to sign your deed poll. This has to be done in the presence of a lawyer.

Submit your deed pooll

After your deed poll is signed, you can immediately (or whenever convenient) head to the ICA building to submit your deed poll. 

Frequently asked questions

My child doesn't have an NRIC yet. What would be the steps?
Does my child need to attend your office for Deed Poll signing?
I have the sole custody of my child. Can I still dispense with the consent of the other parent?
Can a minor execute a Deed Poll by him/herself?
Do I need to change my name in my Passport?
What should I do after I’ve done a Deed Poll?
What if I lose my Deed Poll? Can I get a replacement?
Can I change my surname with a Deed Poll?
How can I change my name while I’m overseas?
What documents should I bring when signing deed poll?
What is the price of a deed poll?
I'm under 21, can I change my name?
What is unlikely to accepted by the ICA?
What can I change in my name?

Meet some of the IRB team
handling deed poll

Mohamed Baiross-image
Mohamed Baiross

Founding Partner

Baiross is the managing partner of IRB Law LLP. He is an experienced lawyer with an excellent reputation across a broad selection of practice areas including divorce, insolvency, crime, probate, syariah, and civil litigation.

Muntaz Binte Zainuddin-image
Muntaz Binte Zainuddin


Muntaz is a partner in I.R.B. Law and oversees the work of associates as well as manages the firm with the Managing Partner. She holds two degrees from the National University of Singapore.

Ashwin Ganapathy-image
Ashwin Ganapathy


Ashwin has a keen passion in criminal defence and contested matrimonial matters. He has gained a reputation for fearlessly fighting for the defence of accused persons in all types of criminal offences.

Kulvinder Kaur-image
Kulvinder Kaur


Kulvinder’s practice focuses on civil and commercial litigation, and matrimonial affairs. She has successfully obtained sole custody and highly favorable access arrangements for her clients (both mothers and fathers).

Cherie Tan-image
Cherie Tan


Cherie’s primary focus is on matrimonial matters where her empathy, sensitivity and patience has won her many cases involving divorce, maintenance and custody. She speaks English, Mandarin and Hokkien.

Mohammed Shakirin-image
Mohammed Shakirin


Mohammed Shakirin graduated from the highly selective Graduate LLB program at the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons). He covers a wide range of legal areas for his clients.

Recent Testimonials

  • Kartina O.

    I’m very impressed at the deliverance of their services. Polite, efficient and most importantly, very thorough at explaining and executing my Will & Testament to my son. Mr Shakirin is efficient and I have great confidence to have him handle my case. Ms Nanthini, the admin was also prompt. Thank you!

  • Yvonne

    Ms Shehzhadee has been very professional and helpful with my case. Absolutely grateful for what she has done for me. Thanks for understanding my plight as a mom and fighting for me.

  • Derrick

    Ms. Shehzhadee and her office provided excellent service, demonstrating professionalism and personal attention. She was so responsive on every of my texts and calls, i really felt that she had my best interests at heart. Her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about most. I am eternally grateful for her service and I hereby recommend Ms. Shehzhadee without...


  • Anonymous

    Till date, I am so thankful for you to take up my case and carry my burdens. You change the way how I look at lawyers as I felt you are someone who fight for justice. You never see me as an offender and have always been very polite to me. Your prompt responses and updates have assured me that everything are in order. You have done your best for me. Thank you so much. Will keep in touch and I wish you the very...

    best in your career!

  • PJ

    Ms. Muntaz had provided excellent legal advices on my employment conflict. She is definitely knowledgable, trustworthy, and her dedication in assisting her client is impressive. Instead of just simply advise by comparing related documents superficially, she provided expert insights from various perspectives which helps to resolve my problems effectively. Highly recommended.

  • Nuno Barbosa

    Ms Muntaz Zainuddin, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. Your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations throughout the course of my case. Grateful for all of your efforts, should have done it sooner and save myself from all the stress and sleepless nights. I highly recommend IRB Law

  • Chan

    I was facing a pressing issue and called IRB law for assistance upon recommendation from a friend. Their efficiency swept me off my feet! The lady who took the call was professional and acted swiftly. In a matter of minutes, Mr Azri contacted me and gave clear, concise advice which saved the day. Although I did not require legal assistance eventually, I am very grateful and blessed to have been able to speak to...

    Mr Azri at such critical times. He had given me faith and assurance when I most needed it. Thank you again Mr Azri!

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Baiross and Ms. Shehzadee Rahman were very patient with me and put in a considerable amount of effort and time to ensure that I was given a chance to be forgiven for my mistakes. I highly recommend them as lawyers that will be by your side, they were also patient in terms of payment since my family has been in financial difficulty. I really appreciate that and I wish them the best in the future.

  • Dean

    I have engaged Attorney Mohamed Baiross for my legal case and this was the best move that i have done. Very knowledgeable in Singapore Laws. Legal advises were very accurate. Very professional and yet shows sincere concern all throughout the process. Acts extremely fast. Thank you Sir.

  • Shay

    Engaged IRB Law's services to prepare a Power of Attorney for a HDB matter, and was very impressed by the efficient process, reasonable rate and very quick response time (draft prepared for review and signature in less than 2 hours and the PoA sealed and accepted by the court in less than 5 hours after signing). Joanne Giam was very responsive via email and quick to accommodate a last minute appointment change....

    Overall very impressed by the quality of the service and by the people I interacted with while I was there (got some good straightforward advice from Joanne's colleague on another legal matter while I was there as well). Highly recommend the firm and would definitely engage their services again should the need arise.

  • Simon Lee

    Applied for a deed poll in the morning, I got an email response within mins asked me to drop by during office hours any days. Upon reached their office they are very helpful, fast & efficient. Less than half an hour (they ensure deed poll every detail are correct and in order) before handover to me). A big Thank you! Thumb up!

  • LEE

    This Law Firm was promptly responding to me and the price is fair and transparent. I want to specially thanks Mr Liu Yong, he really helping me through every information to solved my settlement agreement which is bothering me for a long time.

  • Mark F

    Ms Muntaz Zainuddin was a wholly capable sherpa, displaying an acute balance of tact, propriety, patience and responsiveness – comforting ownership of my case, no less. In retrospect, definitely worth that call.

  • Bernard C

    Great to have engaged the services of Muntaz in getting my Will done. I find her very well-experienced for the task, utmost professional and meticulous in her work.

  • David Lim

    My family is very grateful to Ms Muntaz for representing my child who was charged in the Youth Court and seemingly the sentencing would likely to be probation in a Boy's Hostel. Through her humble beginning, she fully understood the meaning of poverty and the underprivileged, hence fought hard and intelligently for her clients, working relentlessly. Her experience as a State Prosecutor has also gained her many...

    insights into our criminal procedures and system. The end result? The Judge granted my child to be supervised at our home! When someone not only helped you in court but also your family, gratitude must be given.

  • Anonymous

    I had the privilege and honour of engaging Muntaz with regards to employment matters. Her knowledge and expertise are invaluable and she handled my case with utter efficiency and utmost professionalism. Singapore is a law-abiding country and the law indeed protects the morally upright. I'm glad Muntaz exists to maintain balance and uphold the integrity of justice.

  • Siva

    We engaged the services of Ms Muntaz regarding a dispute with our ex-employee. Since she had worked with MOM, she was able to give us valuable inputs about manpower laws. Thus, we were able to settle the matter without spending much.

  • Alan Sumner

    Very happy to recommend IRB Law. They dealt with the complex and demanding issues regarding foreign probate in the Singapore Court in a very responsive and understanding manner, despite having numerous issues with Thai law and overseas locations. Very commendable- Many thanks to Joanne Giam and her team

  • Philip Hughes

    Cherie Tan was on the team of my divorce lawyers. During the divorce process, there were some very complicated financial reports by third party accountants that had to be produced for my reply affidavits. She explained to me in laymen’s terms what it all meant and give me a good overall picture when I was overwhelmed with paperwork trying to understand it all from a legal standpoint. I was surprised that she...

    not only had a good grasp on matrimonial matters but also in financial and business concerns since I own my own business and had possible civil disputes in addition to my matrimonial matters. Cherie is also very understanding and compassionate and ready to help someone who does not understand what is going on. I highly recommend her to anyone who is a businessman/woman that is going through a divorce with complicated issues.

  • Albert

    Cherie is a knowledgeable and approachable good lawyer who I engaged to help with my divorce case. Before I decided to officially seek for her professional help, I consulted a few other good lawyers’ legal advice and also the State Court CJC as well. I was so stressed out and lost when my partner wanted to divorce me on a short notice! Legal Advice was never easy for me to understand especially when I was...

    so worn out mentally and emotionally by my partner. Some lawyers are good in fighting for my benefits completely totally while some seemed a bit soft sided. I needed a balanced legal representative and Cherie is the most suitable for me. Yes, I needed to win the case but not totally all out, as my kids will suffer. Cherie can see the balance I needed and advised me clearly on the pros and cons. She replies promptly and patiently to all my questions. She executes prompt follow ups too and updates me regularly on my case’s progress. Most importantly, I’m able to communicate well with Cherie thus I chose her as my Legal Representative.

  • Raj Kumar

    Cherie Tan has provided legal advice and guidance during my difficult situation. I found her to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable and honest. While working with Cherie, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and she did not steer me wrong. I would highly recommend Cherie to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs...

    at the forefront. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.

  • Serene Lum

    I want to say Thank You for the assistance and comfort received from Cherie. No one wishes to be in a divorce situation, or in my case, a complicated one. Cherie has given me very clear advises on the fees, outcomes and implications. She demonstrated empathy and compassion, helping me through my negotiations, interim and final. Cherie’s honesty and integrity are one of the reasons I recommended I.R.B Law LLP....


  • Leow Shimin

    Cherie was very helpful when I needed advice in regards to a contract dispute. I did not expect her to reply so swiftly and thorough even though it is in the middle of the night. She is very honest and candid so you will definitely feel intimidated. Definitely, recommend anyone who needs counsel or seeking legal representation.

  • Ms Wang

    Ms Cherie was my second lawyer actually because my first one was so arrogant that she did not bother asking me any questions during the first consultation. Cherie is indeed very responsive and responsible during the entire period of my case. She gave constructive advice and execute each step promptly. I do not wish much people get into this stage of divorce but if life hits you with this need, she is definitely...

    aside you.

  • Krishnakumar

    We consulted Mr. Baiross for an alleged shoplifting case. Mr. Baiross was with us thru all stages and was guiding us the next course of action even though we never engaged him. The case was dismissed eventually. We sincerely thank him for all his assistance which was of great help during the tough times we went thru and we wish him and his firm all success in future.

  • G.P

    I engaged Cherie for my matrimonial matters early last year – from the get-go, Cherie was extremely professional and gave great advice. I truly appreciated the approach that Cherie stands for, which was to keep things simple and straightforward for a smoother process and it couldn’t have been truer. Throughout the process, I did not have to do many follow-ups as Cherie would ensure that I am duly updated...

    every step of the way. She is well aware of the stresses that come with such matters for her clients and takes it upon herself to give appropriate counsel that helps. I would highly recommend Cherie if anyone is looking for legal counsel on matrimonial matters.

  • Gin Ho

    Efficient and quality service provided by Cherie Tan. She was professional and knowledgeable, ensuring that she provided great advice. The fees were very reasonable for the quality of service provided.

  • Michael Williams

    I had engaged the services of IRB for my matrimonial divorce proceedings recently in 2018. During the process, Ms Cherie Tan was my lawyer giving me advice and she did it very well and advised me my options and drafted the documents professionally. However after she sent the divorce notice to my wife we decided to reconcile and the process was terminated without further action, I think that Cherie is a good...

    lawyer and I would not hesitate to engage her for any legal advice or service I require if the need arises.

  • Claire

    Cherie is a knowledgeable lawyer that handled my divorce case. She listens and whenever I have queries, she will answer them objectively and straight to the point. She will provide many options available and once I make up a decision, she will stand by me. A good lawyer is important and I thank you for supporting me through my divorce proceeding.

  • Lee Ai Dee

    Hi Cherie 妳好,谢谢妳非常专业并有效率的幫我处理了我的离婚事项。妳的幫忙让我能够做到对孩子的承诺,住在原来的家,並在不影响他们日常生活下与他们的父亲离异。我和孩子都过得很好,非常感恩妳专业的服务

  • S T

    I went to 2 different matrimonial lawyers for my divorce before I found Cherie Tan. she always takes time to listen and unlike my previous lawyers, I found that she always gets back to me quickly, which was something I appreciated very much. She will also take the time to let me know what are my next steps and my available options and advise on the pros and cons so that I get a clearer picture of what I am...

    getting into. Shopping for a suitable lawyer that I can entrust with the care and control of my child was not an easy task. Cherie did a very good job and eased my worries.

  • Alice T

    Did a deed poll via IRB and found the process to be simple and easy. The price was just $40 which seemed to be by far the cheapest available in Singapore. I would recommend their deed poll service to others if they're considering it.

  • Eric Tan

    Initially contacted IRB Law LLP and was impressed by how quick they were in responding back. Would like to extend my special thanks to Mr Fazal who provided good insight and advice along the way. Highly recommend.

  • Lisa YR

    I approached IRB law LLB after I read all the positive reviews and true enough they settled my issue fast with all the information that I need promptly. Especially Ms Haryani Othman who makes me relief n at ease with her clear advises and fast action. Thank you to the team.

  • Banu Noordin

    I approached IRB Law LLP for my legal services. Right from the start, everything was handled professionally very well. Lawyer Mr Fazal handled everything with such ease and assured me things would be in my favour. Within a year, all the matters have been resolved and I am happy with the outcome. Thank you and keep up the great work in serving your clients with such dedication. Highly recommended.

  • Siddique Rashid

    Mr Fazal has been of great help to me. He is very knowledgeable and approachable. Always willing to go the extra mile to help.

  • Namza Aziz

    Mr Fazal has been of great help to me. I would like to extend my thanks to his professional and excellent service. He is very knowledgeable and approachable. Always helping and going that extra mile.

  • Mohammad Laily

    Despite my slurring brought on by my illness, Fazal still managed to remain patient and took the effort to clarify parts where I was unclear on my desires. He enduringly helped me find a method of communication I was comfortable with and ensured that my wishes were respected to the fullest. The end result he produced was a will which was exactly how I wanted it to be. When I offered to pay him extra, he refused....

    What a truly professional lawyer!

  • Sean

    Wow, Baiross is just an awesome lawyer. He was patient and did all the work with great diligence. He was efficient and meticulous and professional in understanding our requirements. Can't recommend him enough.

  • Melissa

    My friend’s unfortunate altercation with the law was handled by Mr. Baiross with great consideration. He was the only lawyer (from the several that we contacted) who manage to understand the situation first before discussing any handling fees. We are extremely grateful for his help and would highly recommend the services of IRB Law.

  • Jian Wei

    Mr Baiross gave me a very clear picture of what was needed and the steps to handle my court case. He took time to understand my case and provide all the assistance I needed. I feel truly fortunate to have sought out and got his assistance despite his busy schedule. Even though I do not have the funds to seek his help for the court case given my situation, he still helps with whatever possible to ensure it goes...

    well. Money is not his first priority, but his clients are. I can't thank him enough and I do hope I can settle my problems with my previous company fast enough so I can seek him as my lawyer and guide me through this case.

  • Sanjana

    The legal services I received from Ashwin Ganapathy were nothing short of remarkable. From the initial meeting, he was responsive to my calls, questions and concerns. All issues were handled professionally and timely and the fees were very reasonable. After seeing Ashwin in action in court, I had total confidence and that my settlement will exceed my expectations. I am very grateful for his high spirit during...

    the court session representations and I would highly recommend his services.

  • Rijuvan

    I am forever grateful that Mr Mato handled my case. I was proud to have him as my lawyer. I felt comforted by his portrayal of experience and knowledge. Throughout the court proceedings, Mr. Mato spent his evening hours preparing for the next day. He was protective, well prepared, thorough, convincing, and always accurate. Mr. Mato did everything he promised and more. He comforted me when I was worried, and...

    fought hard for me. My sincere appreciation for him.

  • Anonymous

    I was worried I didn't know what to do when I first found out that I had gotten entangled in a commercial suit. It was between my ex-employers and their business partners. I got to know Mato thru friend’s friend. He is my first lawyer and his calm and assuring disposition helped me to focus on what is the right thing to do. There were a lot of things to do – writing down narratives, putting together...

    documents which Mato patiently explained and facilitated. It was not easy for me, and if it had not been for Mato, I might still be stuck.

  • Mohd Adom

    I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr Mato from IRB Law LLP for handling my debt recovery case until it was settled in my favour. Being a first timer in seeking legal advice, Mato was fantastic at clearly explaining the details of the process and proceedings involved. Constant updates were given even when I was away on an overseas trip. Due to a small amount of money involved ($5K), I was minimally charged...

    with the same professional services provided. I would strongly recommended him & his firm to everyone seeking legal guidance & engage their service. Thank you so much Mr Mato & IRB.

  • Mr Shanker

    A fantastic lawyer and friend whom I’ve known of since secondary school days. Baiross provided quick and succinct advice on my recent pending legal situation for me to take steps to protect myself ahead of time. As the legal proceedings were discontinued due to some mitigating factors, I did not get to engage him to represent me, but he would be my number 1 choice for any legal matters in the future.

  • John Tay

    Baiross is very approachable and gives great advice regarding matters from different angles and goes about the execution efficiently. He is also very reasonable in his fees. Am grateful for his considerate personality and professionalism.

  • Raymond Lim

    I'm so glad I found Mr Baiross to advise me on my legal issues. He was very responsive via WhatsApp when I had certain doubts. He knows his legal stuff well, his explanation made me understand my position clearly & the next action I should take. His experience & confidence really gave me the assurance that I was getting the right legal advice. I sincerely thank him.

  • Sheryl Wee

    I’ll give a 10 out of 5 stars. Applied for a deed poll at 9am and got it at 1pm on the same day! Thank you for your speed and efficiency.

  • Yong Family

    Once again, I would like to thank Mr Fazal for his professional advice rendered to me and my wife. He really made sure we understood the probability and risks under our lawsuit. His explanations are easy to comprehend allowing us to make decisions on the fly. Mr Fazal made us feel comfortable every step of the way. Will highly recommend his service to anyone looking for a lawyer.

  • Sandra Di Beita

    I live in the UK and needed a lawyer with knowledge of Singapore law. I contacted Mr Baiross and he was very quick in responding to me. He gave me clear, concise advice and my case was resolved within the month.. He is very efficient and affordable therefore I would definitely recommend his services he did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be happier.

  • Hamada Masahiro

    We want to say thank you so much to Mr Baiross for representing my uncle Kim Leng, you are a good lawyer we believed, after meeting you with my mother at your your office, though i am only 15 years old, i can’t help much or do much to help my uncle, but your words have comforted and means a lot to my mother and family, i can understand and sense your sincerity and helpful to people in need, this is the type of...

    true lawyer needed in our society.

  • Shawn Cotta

    Mr. Baiross gave me really down-to-earth advice on handling matters even within the short time-span he had. Dealing with issues need not go into intense litigation trials unless a compromised solution really cannot be reached. He was sincere in sharing with me the pros and cons of going into court litigation, and I really appreciated it.

  • Veeramani Vinoth

    Mr Baiross gave me clear legal advice and provided excellent service. He and his supporting staff were very helpful and explained each and every step to me in my language Tamil. My case was concluded in less than 4 months time for an affordable legal fee. Thank you Mr Baiross.

  • Pamela Ang

    I manage to find Jin Huang through Google to help me handle my case. I spoke to him and found him very friendly and reasonable. Should a need arise again in future, I would definitely engage his service. I would also strongly recommend him to others.

  • Logan

    Had engaged Jin Huang for some simple legal service. He is very quick to respond to inquiries and and transparent in regards to fees and charges. He has a friendly demeanor, easy to talk to yet very professional. And yes, I would recommend his legal services.

  • Delphine

    Mr Baiross is like a blessings in disguise. I’ve never thought I would engage with a lawyer unless it is essential, but when you are torn between decisions, Mr Baiross would reply to every of your questions with efficient and dedicated guidance that will feel enlightened immediately after statements given. Could even find solace within. I couldn’t be more grateful to Mr Baiross.

  • Jamie

    I contacted Mr Baiross late at night as I needed help with changing my name via deed poll. I needed the documents ASAP as I had a short timeline to work with. He replied instantly and made special arrangements to see me the next day even though it was a Saturday. He was super helpful and even checked in later on to see if there were any hiccups in changing my name at ICA. Amazing service although it was just a...

    simple matter. Thank you!

  • Nichol Wong

    I posted a question on family legal matters. Mr Baiross replied me within 5 minutes and through his whatsapp replies to my questions I could feel he is more than just answering them. He actually used words like “be strong”, “I understand”. He wasn’t cold in our interaction as compared to my experience with other attorneys recently. I really appreciated him being there that day when I needed to know my...

    legal rights.

  • Ms Teo K. J

    Fazal truly is a lawyer with a heart for his clients. When he handled my divorce case, he made sure that my young children were kept away from unnecessary scrutiny. He is sensitive and helped me find the least emotionally-straining solution to my divorce. He went the extra mile to convince my husband to consent to arrangements through mediation, and I am grateful to him for that!

  • Mr Sulaiman

    I would never have thought that I would come across a lawyer as humble as Fazal. He explained in layman’s terms the full details of case proceedings, and he made sure that I was comfortable with the pace of the proceedings. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs legal advice!

  • Paula Lee

    Fazal managed to convince the Court of my innocence in a case of embezzlement in my company. Not only that, he also went the extra mile to ensure that my employers heard of the verdict that I was innocent, and reconciled me with my company. He truly does care for his clients, and his service is second to none!

  • Mohammad R.B. Laily

    Despite my slurring brought on by my illness, Fazal still managed to remain patient and took the effort to clarify parts where I was unclear on my desires. He enduringly helped me find a method of communication I was comfortable with, and ensured that my wishes were respected to the fullest. The end result he produced was a will which was exactly how I wanted it to be. When I offered to pay him extra, he...

    refused. What a truly professional lawyer!

  • Mr J. Koh

    When I got involved in a traffic accident with another driver, I knew I needed legal advice on how to claim from his insurance company. I came across Mr Fazal from IRB Law, and he was just the lawyer for me. Although it was a long-drawn process, Mr Fazal still kept me updated every day about how the case was going, and about our next course of action. He is patient and pleasant to work with, and I’m glad I...

    hired him!

  • Mr Sundram

    I admit that I was a very difficult client and had refused to come out and admit many facts which were crucial to help my defence. Other lawyers gave up on me, but Mr Fazal did not. He was patient all throughout the case, but at the same time, managed to convince me to help him defend myself in court. Mr Fazal also went the extra mile to ensure that my family was well taken care of while I was in prison. I want...

    to thank him from the bottom of my heart.

  • Sher Rome Lius

    Right from the start everything was handled professionally by Mr Fazal. Within a year, all the matters have been resolved and I am happy with the outcome. Thank you and keep up the great work in serving your clients with such dedication. Highly recommended.

  • Dianah Abdullah

    Ashwin has shown a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm from the first meeting right till the case closed. He was clear in his explanations and patient with our endless questions. We were grateful for his fighting spirit seen especially during representations and mitigations. All these had indeed contributed to successfully getting a lenient sentence that we had been praying for. Thank you very much...


  • Lyanna Franco

    My sincere thanks goes to the excellent legal representation of Mr Ashwin. I could not be happier with the results of my husbands trial, as Ashwin went above and beyond to assist my husband in getting a lighter sentence. His confidence in the courtroom never failed to impress me, and he really made us feel like we were in safe hands.

  • Hawa Resat

    We approached IRB Law after doing research on which law firm might be suitable to represent my father in court. We met with Ashwin and laid out the case to him. He was available to guide us through the legal process and was highly professional and compassionate lawyer. He had helped my father through this difficult time and was able to reduce the charges.

  • Linda F

    I called IRB with a tenancy issues. They got a lawyer who is expert in this field to help me almost immediately within the day. Very humble and helpful. I can’t recall the names but there’s 2 lawyers who called me back. My landlord finally agreed to the demands, so I didn't end up using their full services, but their advice and support was extremely useful.

  • Thomas Ang

    IRB were recommended to me by a business associate. I needed help with my dad’s estate as he passed on without a will. Jeremy was able to offer valuable advice and was prompt in answering my family’s queries. He and his team were able to process my dad’s letter of administration within 5 weeks! Thanks once again to Jeremy and his team for their professional and efficient services!

  • Stanley Soh

    We are a Singapore construction company who had a dispute with some of our subcontractors. Jeremy at IRB is extremely familiar with the construction industry and was able to understand all the technical issues easily. This made it very easy for us to explain our problems. Jeremy proposed useful solutions to resolve the matter quickly and preserve the existing business relationship with our subcontractors.

  • Liz Chee

    Mr Baiross is ethical, professional and a very experienced lawyer. I needed some legal advice, and instead of jumping into the price tag, he took time to understand the background, evaluate the situation and shared the possible outcomes. This is very helpful in helping us to determine the next course of action.

  • Tan Meng Jee

    I engaged Mr Baiross for an uncontested divorce. His service was very efficient, and he was very clear and honest about my obligations. In particular, the advice focused in what pitfalls I could suffer if I proceeded to contest the matter. He did not over complicate things, and suggested that I discuss the terms with my spouse. I have received my divorce orders and I have to say that he became more than a lawyer...

    to me. He guided me as much as a best friend would. highly recommend IRB Law.

  • Ben R

    I had a slight dispute with our previous agent and landlord in regards to the sum of money owed for the deposit. Having independent advice from someone not emotionally tied to the situation enabled me to achieve a very effective conclusion to the dispute. The landlord backed down from the original claims and agreed to refund the deposit as had previously been discussed and agreed upon. I found Jeremy to be...

    extremely professional and would leverage again in the future if the need arose.

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