Changing your Name in Singapore via Deed Poll

Changing your Name in Singapore via Deed Poll

Changing your name in Singapore via a deed poll is a relatively straightforward and inexpensive process, particularly for Singapore Citizens. In this article, we will run through various aspects to consider, including the process and fees.

What is a deed poll?

The deed poll is a legal document required to change your name in Singapore. It declares that you will renounce your old name, and adopt a new one. A deed poll must be drafted by a lawyer, and signed by the individual whose name is being changed in the presence of the said lawyer.

How do I change my name by deed poll?

Step 1 – complete our simple online deed poll submission form [available here] it takes around 5 minutes. This provides our lawyers with all of the necessary information to draft your deed poll.

Step 2 – once your deed poll is ready you may come to one of our offices to sign it in the presence of one of our lawyers. This is a necessary step because lawyers are legally obliged to confirm the identity of the individual requesting the change of name.

Step 3 – once the deed poll is signed, you should present it to the ICA to have the changes reflected in their system. You can do this directly at the ICA in Kallang, or if you are able to scan the completed deed poll, you can also do it online via the ICA website.

Step 4 – you may wish to contact other organisations or institutions to have your name change reflected. This could include updating bank details or having academic certificates updated.

How long does the whole process take?

Well, since we brought the application element online, the initial part will take around 5 minutes. After completing the form online, you may need around 10-15 minutes to review the deed poll and sign the document with our lawyer. A 6-minute walk to the ICA building for submission and your new NRIC should be produced and issued within a few days.

How much does a deed poll cost?

We’ve put together a simple table that provides different cost options based upon your age and how you choose to pay.

Your Age Pay Online Pay in Person Walk-In
Over 21 $40 $100 $130
Under 21 $70 $130 $160

Who do I need to inform once I change my name?

Your company’s HR department will need to know about your name change. It is also important to let your university or school know about it, so they can put your new name on any of your academic certifications/transcripts. Banks, insurers, investment agencies, your mobile phone company, the IRAS, and any other authority that charges you regularly should all know as well.

What documents do I need to change?

After receiving a new NRIC, you are required to obtain a new passport within seven days. You will need to go to the Singapore Embassy or ICA with your documentation to get one, which after processing, should arrive within 4-6 weeks. Your passport and NRIC are the two most important documents that need changing. However, you should inform the previously mentioned groups as soon as possible about your name change, so they can update your documentation.

Are there documents I cannot change?

Your birth certificate and marriage certificate both cannot be edited.

Do I need to carry the deed poll with me?

After you change your NRIC and passport, you will not need to keep your deed poll on your person.

What is the minimum age necessary to get a deed poll?

If you are under the age of 21, both of your parents will need to sign your deed poll, even if they are divorced (unless one parent has sole custody). If the other parent has passed away, you will need to bring a death certificate to the ICA as proof. If the other parent is not contactable, the present parent will have to declare that despite reasonable efforts, he/she could not be reached.

We are happy to advise you on this area if you are unsure of the situation specific to you.

Is there a name change limit?

There are no restrictions on the number of name changes you can make.

Are there restrictions on what I can change my name to?

If names are offensive or vulgar, resemble those of famous politicians, or contain titles such as “Sir” or “Duke”, the ICA will reject them. Otherwise, you have free reign to change your name as you please. You may wish to review our article on what you can and cannot change for further details.

Can Foreigners change their name in Singapore?

Technically yes, but it really depends on the laws and regulations of your home country. It is advisable to check your embassy or consulate office in Singapore to determine whether the foreign authority will accept a name change executed via a Singapore deed poll.

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