Syariah Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

Muslim divorce in Singapore

We understand that getting a divorce is a difficult decision. In addition to taking care of the procedural requirements of the Syariah Court, our experienced Syariah lawyers will also advise on your legal rights and obligations in a divorce, such as the custody of children, division of matrimonial assets, and maintenance.

The governing law of Muslims in Singapore who have decided to get a divorce is Syariah law, which is different in many ways from civil law. Significantly, there is no minimum 3-year period before you can get a divorce under Syariah law. Also, unlike civil marriages, Muslim divorces are heard in the Syariah Court of Singapore.

More considerations arise where a Muslim has made civil law arrangements, such as wills and trusts, and where the Muslim was a convert, i.e. not Muslim at birth.

IRB Law has one of the largest Syariah law practices, with more than 10 lawyers and paralegals with expertise in this unique area of law. Our Syariah law practitioners are conversant in Malay, Tamil, Chinese and English.

Speak to our team today to get a full understanding of your rights and obligations.

muslim divorce lawyers in Singapore
Mohamed Baiross Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

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Meet Some of the Syariah Law Team

Mohamed Baiross

Founding Partner

Baiross is the managing partner of IRB Law LLP. He is an experienced lawyer with an excellent reputation across a broad selection of practice areas including divorce, insolvency, crime, probate, syariah, and civil litigation.

Mohamed Fazal


Fazal is a partner at IRB Law, and his practice encompasses a broad spectrum of contentious matters such as arbitration, civil, criminal, and family. He handles both Civil and Muslim matters.

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