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I.R.B Law LLP has a wide ranging experience in matters relating to defamation laws in Singapore. We advise and represent clients on all forms of defamation and slander. Our clients include the private individuals, corporations, banks, and financial institutions.

What is defamation?

Defamation in Singapore is a criminal offence under section 499 of the Penal Code. The police have the power to arrest an individual if they have sufficient evidence that a defamation offence has taken place.

If the matter goes to court, what must the prosecution prove?

For a successful prosecution, it must be proved that the defendant had the intention, knowledge, or a reason that their words would harm the victim’s reputation.

Can any action be taken under civil law?

Yes, under torts law and the Defamation Act. There are two types of defamation under civil law.

  • libel: this is where there are written words that are defaming the victim; and
  • slander: where the defamation is via the spoken word.

I’m a victim of defamation. What should I do now?

Firstly, we recommend you notify the police and provide them with supporting evidence.

Secondly, contact our lawyers, who will offer you initial advice as to whether you should commence a civil action for defamation and the chances of your success.

I.R.B Law LLP has experience advising and litigating on defamation disputes and actions, including:

  • Social media posts on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Online and printed articles printed in publications
  • Statements made via email, blogs, and the internet
  • Manually via newspapers, newsletters, and printed media
  • Comments or statements made in private or publicly

Please get in touch to discuss your situation. We can advise you of your options which include resolving your defamation dispute using mediation, arbitration, or negotiating a private settlement without resorting to litigation and a lengthy court process.

Defamation & Slander Lawyers in Singapore
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Baiross is the managing partner of IRB Law LLP. He is an experienced lawyer with an excellent reputation across a broad selection of practice areas including divorce, insolvency, crime, probate, syariah, and civil litigation.

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Ashwin has a keen passion in criminal defence and contested matrimonial matters. He has gained a reputation for fearlessly fighting for the defence of accused persons in all types of criminal offences.

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