Commissioner for Oaths

Contact our I.R.B Lawyers today and find out how we can administer oaths or affirmations of affidavits and statutory declarations.

The fees for Commissioner for Oaths in Singapore are prescribed by the Senate of the Singapore Academy of Law. They can be found in Part II of the Schedule to the Commissioners for Oath Rules. As the fees are prescribed, we are not able to negotiate.

Type of Document Our Fee Additional Fees (if any)
Affidavits S$25 per affidavit S$5 per exhibit (if any)
Statutory Documents S$25 per affidavit S$5 per exhibit (if any)

What is a Commissioner for Oaths?

A Commissioner for Oaths role is administering oaths or affirmations for legal documents. This includes administering oaths or affirmations connected with affidavits to be used in Singapore courts or statutory declarations and legal documents for use in Singapore.

What qualifications are required to be a Commissioner for Oaths?

Lawyers will only be appointed if they:

  • have been in active legal practice or service for at least ten years; and
  • are at least thirty-five years old.

What are oaths, affidavits, affirmations, and statutory declarations?

An oath is where someone makes a solemn promise as to the truth of a statement or information provided by the oath maker.

Affirmations are made by persons who have a just reason to object to taking oaths, or their religion does not recognise oaths as a binding force. It has the same legal effect as an oath.

Statutory declarations make statements in a prescribed form by statute that declares something is true. These statements are not sworn.

Affidavits are written sworn statements of fact made by someone who signs an affidavit. It is usually used in court proceedings as evidence.

Commissioner for Oaths in Singapore
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