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In Singapore, persons of the Muslim faith are subject to Syariah law, in addition to Singapore civil law generally.

For most Muslims, Syariah law affects them mainly in the areas of probate and administration of a deceased’s estate, wills and estate planning (e.g. Wasiat and Hibbah), and divorce.

In the commercial space we advise clients on Islamic financing matters which is integrated with our knowledge of civil banking, finance and capital matters.
IRB Law has one of the largest Syariah law practices, with more than 10 lawyers and paralegals with expertise in this unique area of law. Our Syariah law practitioners are conversant in Malay, Tamil, Chinese and English.

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Areas of Specialisation

Syariah Divorce

Muslim divorce in Singapore is governed by the Administration of Muslim Law Act (“AMLA”) (Cap 3). The grounds for Syariah Divorce are:

  • Divorce by way of Talak (pronouncement of divorce);
  • Divorce by way of Khuluk (divorce by redemption; Divorce by way of Taklik (breach of a condition of the marriage); and
  • Divorce by way of Fasakh (dissolution of the marriage on valid grounds).

Wasiat & Hibah

Wasiat is an Islam estate planning instrument that a Muslim Testator made during his or her lifetime with respect to his or her assets to be carried out for the purposes of charity or for any other purposes permissible by Islamic Law, upon his or her death. The main objective of having a Wasiat is to select an administrator and decide if a Muslim wishes to exercise the option of giving away 30% of one’s estate to non-beneficiaries.

Hibah is an Islam estate planning instrument that can be done during the lifetime of the donor with certain conditions. The transfer done can be revised upon death and reverts back to the donor who is still alive.

Faraid – Muslim Inheritance

Faraid deals with the distribution of the estate of a deceased Muslim among his or her heirs in accordance with Allah’s decree in the Holy Quran and according to the hadith or tradition of the Messenger of Allah. Property owned under joint tenancy registered under the Land Titles Act, CPF moneys that have been nominated, and Life insurance payouts to nominees do not fall to be distributed under faraid.

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Our Dedicated Syariah Law Team

Mohamed Baiross

Founding Partner

Baiross is the managing partner of IRB Law LLP. He is an experienced lawyer with an excellent reputation across a broad selection of practice areas including divorce, insolvency, crime, probate, syariah, and civil litigation.

Mohamed Fazal


Fazal is a partner at IRB Law, and his practice encompasses a broad spectrum of contentious matters such as arbitration, civil, criminal, and family. He handles both Civil and Muslim matters.

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