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We have engaged Mr Abdul Wahab l.R.B.LAW LLP for our Son’s visa matters. Mr Abdul Wahab I.R.B. LAW LLP did explain to us the terms and conditions for the above matter with regards to ICA. He was also professional and pleasant in attending to us. Although the matter is still in progress with ICA, we would like to thank Mr Abdul Wahab I.R.B. LAW LLP and his staff for all the help and guidance rendered. We hope Mr Abdul Wahab I.R.B LAW LLP and staff will still be assisting us in securing a Long Term Visa for our Son. Thank you. Yours sincerelyAbdul Kader Maricar
Assalamualaikum, l Muhamad Jaafar would like to tell you so far Mr Wahab served me with a very excellent service and honestly,l would recommend someone for his services cause I know I have the best lawyer that I can trust. Thanks u so much.MUHAMAD JA’AFAR BIN ISMAIL
Thank you Mr Baiross! Really appreciate your help during that hectic weekend. Mr Baiross is truly a professional and helpful lawyer, like what you can see from all his reviews. I received a letter from a lawyer during a holiday eve, and a really tight timeframe was given to me in responding back to them with the letters. Because this was the first time I have ever encounter this matter, after receiving the letters I panicked and of course worried about it. I went on google to search for clues and here I chance upon Mr Baiross’s name with 50 over good reviews. So I tried my luck in texting him during the weekend, as that is all the time I have left for consultation or help. And Mr Baiross did reply to me the next day even though it was a weekend, with the assurance of help. His quotation was reasonable as I told him I am a freelance that has financial difficulties. His help and assurance did ease my worries and he will definitely be the first person I will introduce to if anyone has any lawsuit case.Ang
As foreigner I have problem understanding legal aspect of my case. Ms Noor has helped me greatly from that point of view – she explains a lot of what can or can’t be done – at the end of the day it enabled me to make decision. Thank you, keep the good work.Agus Setiawan
We approached I.R.B law soon after doing some researched on which law firm will be suitable to represent my father in court. We met up with Ashwin and laid out the case to him. Ashwin was available to guide us through the legal process and is highly professional and he is also a compassionate lawyer. He had helped my father through this difficult times and has lessen the charges.Hawa Resat, 1 April 2017
Mr Anil is is very meticulous and detailed as he assists in the trial of a friend of mine. He is thorough and detailed as he works through the case. He is focused and puts his heart into assisting his client, empathetic and reassuring as well, even though language may be a barrier in communicating. He is open to discussions, ideas, and feedback as he discusses and updates his client. I believe he does his very best in all his cases in defending his client(s).Chua, 10 August 2016
I found a lawyer Teo Jin Huang of IRB Law to handle my case. He is a very helpful and pleasant person, and explained the cost and other charges. I would recommend him to others.Melvyn Chan, 7 November 2015
I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr Mato from IRB Law LLP for handling my debt recovery case until it was settled in my favour. Being a first timer in seeking legal advises, Mr. Mato have done extremely well to explain in details the processes, proceedings involved and the variable course of action that I can take. Constant updates were given even when I was away on oversea trip. Due to a small amount money involved ($5K) , I was minimumly charged with the same professional services provided. I would strongly recommended him & his firm to everyone seeking legal guidance & engage their service. Thank you so much Mr Mato & IRB.Mohd Adom, 21 October 2017
Both my sister and I are extremely satisfied and felt grateful for the legal services rendered to us by Mr Baiross and his team. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mr Baiross, Ms Roy’yani and Mr Sam Foo for their dedication and professionalism in handling our cases. If anyone is seeking for a lawyer, I would strongly recommend I.R.B. Law LLP as they have a track record of providing good services with reasonable cost to their clients as evidence from the numerous online reviews provided by their clienteles.L A Khoo, 9 April 2017
I sincerely like to thank Shen Lee for his valuable advice on resolving issues with my former employer. I called up Mr. Mohd Baiross IRB Law LLP to seek advice after reading about the many good reviews . Mr. Baiross refers me to Shen Lee who is part of his legal team . I was very stressed and really was having sleepless nights prior to meeting Shen Lee. My first meeting with Shen Lee was very reassuring. Shen Lee is patient and he listened to my case and genuinely placed my interests first . He put me at ease and assured me that there is a way out. Throughout the case, he is very professional with his prompt follow through. My case was resolved with his legal help . I am impressed with his professional legal service that comes with a genuine personable care. I am so glad that he handled my case.Alvin Chin, 26 October 2017
On behalf of my sister, Rosesita, I would like to convey my utmost gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Kannan Nadarajan and his assistant, Fauziah. This team patiently explained to my only Secondary 2 educated sister, so that she understood her case from all angles before proceedings. And in court, Mr. Kannan made sure that her interests was well taken care of and attained the best possible result. 100% RECOMMENDED. Thank you, IRB Mr. Kannan and FauziahAbdul Rahman Mohamed Arifin, 26 April 2017
I engaged Jeremy to assist in recovering my deposit from a contractor who did a very bad job for my house renovation. Although it was not a lot of money Jeremy and his team were very professional and worked very carefully on my court case. Fortunately I was able to get back my money, and thanks to Jeremy and his team.Jared Fong, 22 March 2017
Mr. Fazal represented me in my syariah variation proceedings. I’m appreciative that he understood my position in regards to my child and i am glad that i eventually got what i wanted even though the defendant had also contested hard. Fazal also made it very comfortable talking to him. Thank you so much for handling my case.Khirzaim, 21 June 2017
After my experience with several lawyers, I had the good fortune of meeting and engaging Mr. Fadli for my legal problem. I think he is a rare gem in the legal industry. I appreciated both his legal knowledge and his ability to come up with very practical solutions in different situations. He is also generous with his time and would go to great lengths in explaining the various scenarios and solutions to the scenarios. Once we agreed on a solution, I found him tenacious in ensuring it worked. I was also glad that he was patient with me and could understand my frustrations. While I did not understand it at that time, his advice eventually saved me a lot of time and money. Mr. Fadli is someone who I will trust and recommend to anyone who has a legal problem.Sally DH, 13 October 2017