Grant of Probate & Letter of Administration

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When a loved one passes on, our team of experienced estate lawyers help families to take care of the deceased’s affairs. The survivors need a grant of probate or letter of administration to have the power and authority to administer the deceased’s estate.

If the deceased left a valid will, the estate would be distributed according to their wishes. The executor(s) named in the will apply to the court for a grant of probate. Once the court has authorised this, the distribution of the assets can take place.

Assets can include money, property, and any other possessions.

If the deceased did not leave a valid will, a spouse, or next of kin could apply to be appointed a personal representative to deal with the estate’s administration. This is known as a grant of letters of administration.

I.R.B Law has helped thousands of clients just like you through the process, ensuring they unlock the assets belonging to the deceased, and distributing them to their lawful beneficiaries. We offer incredibly competitive pricing for both grants of probate and letters of administration whilst maintaining a high service level.

Our lawyers will guide you through your responsibilities regarding wills, probate, and letters of administration. They will explain how you can achieve the best solution through Singapore’s courts to gain legal control of the deceased’s assets.

I.R.B estate lawyers can apply for a grant of probate or letters of administration on your behalf, saving you time and extra stress at what is already a challenging time.

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Grant of Probate
From S$ 990 nett (pricing varies according to requirements)
Letter of Administration
From S$ 990 nett (pricing varies according to requirements)

Frequently asked questions

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Our Probate & Letter of Administration team

Mohamed Baiross-image
Mohamed Baiross

Founding Partner

Baiross is the managing partner of IRB Law LLP. He is an experienced lawyer with an excellent reputation across a broad selection of practice areas including divorce, insolvency, crime, probate, syariah, and civil litigation.

Jeremy Cheong-image
Jeremy Cheong


Jeremy has particular expertise in civil and commercial matters, for both transactional and dispute resolution matters. He regularly handles litigation, international arbitration, insolvency, and restructuring matters.

Roy'yani Abdul Razak-image
Roy'yani Abdul Razak

Senior Associate

Roy'yani is a senior associate at IRB Law. She has an excellent legal mind, excelling in both contentious and non-contentious matters. She advises clients on corporate and civil law, Syariah and Estate Planning.

Muntaz Binte Zainuddin-image
Muntaz Binte Zainuddin


Muntaz is a partner in I.R.B. Law and oversees the work of associates as well as manages the firm with the Managing Partner. She holds two degrees from the National University of Singapore.

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