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Mohamed Baiross

Founding Partner

Mr Baiross is the founding and managing partner of I.R.B. Law LLP. He prides his practice on providing excellent and comprehensive legal advice to his clients. He is a strategist focusing on achieving practical results in the fastest manner. He is also transparent and will routinely inform clients their realistic chances in any matter.

He leads a substantially large number of lawyers in IRB LAW LLP specialising in a full range of areas, including Family Law, Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Tenancy Dispute, High Court Claims, Bankruptcy Action, Syariah Law cases, Guardianship, Probate, Letter of Administration, Power of Attorney, Debt Recovery, Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Construction claims, Contract Drafting, Company Matters etc.




IRB LAW LLP, a full service law firm with expertise in family law, probate, debt recovery, and all other legal services. It is one of the law firms in Singapore with expertise in Syariah Cases, especially Syariah Divorces. One of the many value added services of IRB LAW LLP is allowing Instalment Payments of fees.

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Working Languages:

English, Tamil, Malay

Recent Testimonials

  • Tan Meng Jee

    I engaged Mr Baiross for an uncontested divorce. His service was very efficient, and he was very clear and honest about my obligations. In particular, the advice focused in what pitfalls I could suffer if I proceeded to contest the matter. He did not over complicate things, and suggested that I discuss the terms with my spouse. I have received my divorce orders and I have to say that he became more than a lawyer...

    to me. He guided me as much as a best friend would. highly recommend IRB Law.

  • Liz Chee

    Mr Baiross is ethical, professional and a very experienced lawyer. I needed some legal advice, and instead of jumping into the price tag, he took time to understand the background, evaluate the situation and shared the possible outcomes. This is very helpful in helping us to determine the next course of action.

  • Linda F

    I called IRB with a tenancy issues. They got a lawyer who is expert in this field to help me almost immediately within the day. Very humble and helpful. I can’t recall the names but there’s 2 lawyers who called me back. My landlord finally agreed to the demands, so I didn't end up using their full services, but their advice and support was extremely useful.

  • Nichol Wong

    I posted a question on family legal matters. Mr Baiross replied me within 5 minutes and through his whatsapp replies to my questions I could feel he is more than just answering them. He actually used words like “be strong”, “I understand”. He wasn’t cold in our interaction as compared to my experience with other attorneys recently. I really appreciated him being there that day when I needed to know my...

    legal rights.

  • Jamie

    I contacted Mr Baiross late at night as I needed help with changing my name via deed poll. I needed the documents ASAP as I had a short timeline to work with. He replied instantly and made special arrangements to see me the next day even though it was a Saturday. He was super helpful and even checked in later on to see if there were any hiccups in changing my name at ICA. Amazing service although it was just a...

    simple matter. Thank you!

  • Delphine

    Mr Baiross is like a blessings in disguise. I’ve never thought I would engage with a lawyer unless it is essential, but when you are torn between decisions, Mr Baiross would reply to every of your questions with efficient and dedicated guidance that will feel enlightened immediately after statements given. Could even find solace within. I couldn’t be more grateful to Mr Baiross.

  • Veeramani Vinoth

    Mr Baiross gave me clear legal advice and provided excellent service. He and his supporting staff were very helpful and explained each and every step to me in my language Tamil. My case was concluded in less than 4 months time for an affordable legal fee. Thank you Mr Baiross.

  • Shawn Cotta

    Mr. Baiross gave me really down-to-earth advice on handling matters even within the short time-span he had. Dealing with issues need not go into intense litigation trials unless a compromised solution really cannot be reached. He was sincere in sharing with me the pros and cons of going into court litigation, and I really appreciated it.

  • Hamada Masahiro

    We want to say thank you so much to Mr Baiross for representing my uncle Kim Leng, you are a good lawyer we believed, after meeting you with my mother at your your office, though i am only 15 years old, i can’t help much or do much to help my uncle, but your words have comforted and means a lot to my mother and family, i can understand and sense your sincerity and helpful to people in need, this is the type of...

    true lawyer needed in our society.

  • Sandra Di Beita

    I live in the UK and needed a lawyer with knowledge of Singapore law. I contacted Mr Baiross and he was very quick in responding to me. He gave me clear, concise advice and my case was resolved within the month.. He is very efficient and affordable therefore I would definitely recommend his services he did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be happier.

  • Raymond Lim

    I'm so glad I found Mr Baiross to advise me on my legal issues. He was very responsive via WhatsApp when I had certain doubts. He knows his legal stuff well, his explanation made me understand my position clearly & the next action I should take. His experience & confidence really gave me the assurance that I was getting the right legal advice. I sincerely thank him.

  • John Tay

    Baiross is very approachable and gives great advice regarding matters from different angles and goes about the execution efficiently. He is also very reasonable in his fees. Am grateful for his considerate personality and professionalism.

  • Mr Shanker

    A fantastic lawyer and friend whom I’ve known of since secondary school days. Baiross provided quick and succinct advice on my recent pending legal situation for me to take steps to protect myself ahead of time. As the legal proceedings were discontinued due to some mitigating factors, I did not get to engage him to represent me, but he would be my number 1 choice for any legal matters in the future.

  • Jian Wei

    Mr Baiross gave me a very clear picture of what was needed and the steps to handle my court case. He took time to understand my case and provide all the assistance I needed. I feel truly fortunate to have sought out and got his assistance despite his busy schedule. Even though I do not have the funds to seek his help for the court case given my situation, he still helps with whatever possible to ensure it goes...

    well. Money is not his first priority, but his clients are. I can't thank him enough and I do hope I can settle my problems with my previous company fast enough so I can seek him as my lawyer and guide me through this case.

  • Melissa

    My friend’s unfortunate altercation with the law was handled by Mr. Baiross with great consideration. He was the only lawyer (from the several that we contacted) who manage to understand the situation first before discussing any handling fees. We are extremely grateful for his help and would highly recommend the services of IRB Law.

  • Sean

    Wow, Baiross is just an awesome lawyer. He was patient and did all the work with great diligence. He was efficient and meticulous and professional in understanding our requirements. Can't recommend him enough.

  • Krishnakumar

    We consulted Mr. Baiross for an alleged shoplifting case. Mr. Baiross was with us thru all stages and was guiding us the next course of action even though we never engaged him. The case was dismissed eventually. We sincerely thank him for all his assistance which was of great help during the tough times we went thru and we wish him and his firm all success in future.

  • Dean

    I have engaged Attorney Mohamed Baiross for my legal case and this was the best move that i have done. Very knowledgeable in Singapore Laws. Legal advises were very accurate. Very professional and yet shows sincere concern all throughout the process. Acts extremely fast. Thank you Sir.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Baiross and Ms. Shehzadee Rahman were very patient with me and put in a considerable amount of effort and time to ensure that I was given a chance to be forgiven for my mistakes. I highly recommend them as lawyers that will be by your side, they were also patient in terms of payment since my family has been in financial difficulty. I really appreciate that and I wish them the best in the future.

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