Online Deed Poll Submission Form

Please note that this form should take around 5 minutes to complete. At the end of the form, you will be provided with a payment option per the below table. If you are seeking to change your surname or family name, we recommend you just contact us.

Your Age Pay Online Pay in Person Walk-In
Over 21 $40 $100 $130
Under 21 $70 $130 $160

After completing your submission a member of our staff will contact you to organise a suitable date/time to complete the signing process in the presence of a lawyer. This is included in the fee you will have already paid online. After signing, you can then take the deed poll to the ICA to complete the process or submit online via the ICA website.

  • To start the process of creating your deed poll we need to confirm your situation in regards to two important areas. Please check the relevant answers that apply to you or the person you are applying on behalf of, and read the additional information that may show for certain selections.

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