What can I change in my name?

What can I change in my name?

If you are considering changing your name in Singapore then this article will give you a quick introduction to what you can and can’t change via a deed poll, and the likely requests which may get rejected by the deed poll registrar.

What can I change?

There are many things you can change/adjust within your name via the deed poll, these typically include:

  1. Adding, deleting, or modifying the Chinese or Tamil characters in your name;
  2. Adding, deleting, or modifying the punctuation in your name (eg. Audrey See-Toh);
  3. Adding, deleting, or modifying your English/Western/Christian name (you can have an English name, such as John, without being Christian);
  4. Adding, deleting, or modifying your Hanyu Pinyin name (eg. Chen Shu Ling);
  5. Changing the order of the words in your name (eg. Albert Ong Li Ming instead of Ong Li Ming Albert);
  6. Correcting misspelt names;
  7. Inserting married names; and
  8. Inserting Baptism or religious names;

What is unlikely to accepted by the ICA?

Firstly, it’s important to note that a deed poll is not the appropriate document to change your religion, race or other particulars. This should be done by contacting the ICA directly, or you may contact us if you need any advice.

It would be common to have your deed poll application rejected if your name request matched any of the below items:

  1. If your name change could be deemed vulgar or offensive.
  2. If your name strongly resembled that of a famous politician.
  3. If your name attempted to apply honorary titles such as Datuk or Sir.
  4. If your name includes Chinese characters which cannot be identified in any Chinese dictionary recognised by the registrar.

Ready to proceed with a deed poll?

I.R.B Law offers an online deed poll service from $40 when you pay via our secure checkout. Due to the nature of the process, you will still need to visit our offices to sign the document in the presence of a lawyer and then submit this directly at the ICA building in Kallang.

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