What are the steps for changing your name?

What are the steps for changing your name?

Changing your name in Singapore is relatively straightforward, particularly for Singapore Citizens. This is done via a legal document called a deed poll. The typical steps are listed below for your reference.

Step 1 – Complete an online deed poll application

With I.R.B Law you can simply complete our 5-minute deed poll form online. This form captures all the necessary information required for a lawyer to draft up your deed poll document.

For submissions via our form, where you pay via our secure checkout, we currently charge $40 for those aged over 21 and $70 for those under 21. You may also complete the online form and pay-in-person, but for this, but our charges are slightly higher as a result.

Step 2 – Visit us to sign your deed poll

Once you’ve submitted your deed poll you can drop by our offices at Jalan Sultan anytime from 9:30 am to 6 pm on weekdays to sign your deed poll in the presence of a lawyer. This is at your convenience, providing it’s between those specified hours.

Step 3 – Submit your deed poll at the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) at Kallang

The final step is to visit the ICA to submit your signed deed poll. Our office is located just 6 minutes walk from the ICA building, enabling you to complete steps 2 & 3 on the same day if you wish.

In cases where you are holding an identity card, you will be required to apply for a replacement within 28 days of changing your name. You may also wish to contact other institutions such as banks, insurers, and education providers to have them reflect your updated name in their records and on certificates.

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