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You Will Want to Hire a Lawyer for Criminal Law in Singapore After an Arrest

Those who have been arrested are going to want help from the very beginning. They’ll want to make sure they hire a lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest so they won’t have to remain in jail any longer than necessary and to help be sure their rights are upheld. There are quite a few different times when a person might find they need to hire a lawyer for criminal law in Singapore because they’ve been arrested.


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What to do when you have been charged with a crime.

Assault, murder, manslaughter, rape, serious traffic offenses, drug offenses, and more are additional reasons why a person can be arrested and why they might want to hire a lawyer for help. With these cases, a person could be facing significant amounts of jail or other penalties. A criminal lawyer for defense cases can go through the evidence against the person to find out what can be dismissed and then will work with the person to help them obtain a far better outcome for the case.


In all of these cases and more, the main goal is to get a better outcome. The specialists in criminal law work directly with their clients to obtain all details of the situation and do everything they can to have the charges dismissed or reduced. When this isn’t possible, they’ll work to minimize the penalties for their client.

Investigations conducted by the authorities

Anyone who has been arrested is going to want to speak with experienced lawyers for criminal law as quickly as possible. The person can only be held in jail for a period of 48 hours while a crime is being investigated and before being charged. After this point, the lawyer can help ensure they are either released or charged and given a means to be released. Then, the lawyer can work with them through the entire case.

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Having a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer can make a significant difference in whether you are convicted, and if so, what penalties you have to face. At IRB Law, our main goal is to get a better outcome for our clients.

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