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Pang Khin Wee


Pang Khin Wee is a highly respected litigator with over a decade of experience in the legal industry. Mr Pang’s practice experience includes personal injury, criminal law, family (and particularly contested divorces), contract drafting and commercial transactions. In the course of his career, Mr Pang has served as an Associate Director at a major Singapore law firm and also as counsel for government-linked tenders in public healthcare institutions. Mr Pang brings his vast experience in litigation and advisory matters to IRB Law to deliver exceptional results for clients across a diverse range of legal matters.


With a strong background in personal injury law, Mr Pang has successfully represented hundreds of clients in cases involving workplace injuries, traffic accidents and medical negligence. Drawing on his extensive experience, Mr Pang is adept at securing fair settlements and compensation for injured parties, ensuring that clients receive the justice they deserve.

In the realm of criminal law, Mr Pang has experience in defending clients facing a wide range of charges, from minor offenses to serious crimes, including child abuse, rape, dangerous driving, mischief and vandalism, employment of foreign manpower, voyeurism, criminal breach of trust, outrage of modesty, mischief by fire, etc. A quick Google search of Mr Pang’s name will show the wide variety of criminal cases that he has acted in.

In family proceedings, Mr Pang is a trusted advocate for clients facing complex marital disputes. With a compassionate yet assertive approach, Mr Pang works tirelessly to protect clients' rights and interests, whether negotiating settlements or litigating contentious issues such as child custody, maintenance, and asset division. Mr Pang does not shy away from disputes and highly-contested matters; he has a history of excelling in contested divorces and ancillary matters disputes.

Commercial Transactions

In addition to his expertise in litigation, Mr Pang also has experience in commercial transactions, governance and mergers and acquisitions. With a keen understanding of business dynamics and legal principles, Mr Pang provides strategic advice and guidance to clients, helping them navigate complex legal issues and achieve their commercial objectives.

Notable Cases

  • UOY v UOZ [2018] SGFC 98 – This was a highly contested divorce AM hearing for a 31-year marriage. Mr. Pang represented the Defendant, who obtained 86.5% share of matrimonial assets in his favour. This was upheld by the High Court on appeal.
  • PP v Chia Ching Sheng [2018] SGDC 258 – This was a criminal matter. Prosecution sought 5 months’ imprisonment. This was reduced to 6 weeks on appeal.
  • Fan Zhaohong & Anor v Tay Liang Chuan & Anor [2018] SGDC 234 – Personal injury (electrocution). Mr Pang acted for the claimant. Claimant received judgment for 100% in their favour, upheld by HC on appeal.
  • On 31 January 2023, Mr Pang successfully applied to the HC General Division for declaration of sham marriage. Reported in Shin Min Daily News.

Dedication to Clients

At IRB Law LLP, Mr Pang is committed to providing personalized legal solutions and dedicated support to clients. Whether seeking compensation for a personal injury, defending against criminal charges, navigating a contentious divorce, or handling commercial transactions, you can trust Mr Pang to advocate vigorously on your behalf and achieve the best possible outcome.

Fluent in English and Mandarin

Fluent in both English and Mandarin, Mr Pang effectively communicates with clients from diverse backgrounds, ensuring clear and comprehensive legal advice and representation.

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