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With thousands of cargo and specialist ships traveling around the world every day come a variety of voyage-specific contracts, and the potential of disputes arising in different countries. Are you a shipowner, hull insurer, charterer, shipbuilder, or cargo owner? Whatever your role is, our lawyers are here to help. Trained in maritime law, we understand the unique challenges faced by those in the shipping industry. Reach out to us for a straightforward consultation session – we only advise on what makes business sense for you.


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We’re trained at dealing with accidents at sea and arguments on shore.

Navigating through maritime accidents

The combination of large cargo-laden modern ships, busy trading routes, and the unpredictability of weather conditions means that the risk of maritime accidents is very real. When maritime accidents occur, the consequences are often severe in terms of both reputation and human safety. We’ve worked with maritime accident cases such as fires, sinkings, collisions, and pollution – we understand that these are sensitive times, and we want to help you navigate through them.

Working with freight claims

Also known as shipping, cargo, or damage claims, these legal demands are issued with the intention of recovering losses – by getting the carrier to make the consignee or shipper “whole” once more. If you’re facing a freight claim or are looking to issue one, let us provide you with professional legal advice on how you can best present your case for the highest chance of success.

Financing your fleet

We’re not just here for the bad times. Looking to expand your vessel or fleet? We’re well-versed with the legal advisory work that’s related to syndicated financing, refinancing, and ship sale and purchase. Are you considering lending to a shipowner? We can provide guidance on how to ensure a professional and mutually beneficial transaction.

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