About Us

Our Philosophy

We are a team with a common vision. A vision to operate a contemporary practice that offers legal solutions instead of mere legal advice. One that operates through a personal understanding of your interests and concerns.

This shared vision begins with a good old chat, and transcends at every level of our relationship with you. In fact, it’s high time you got to meet with our lawyers!

Our Commitment

I.R.B Law LLP is a committed team of Lawyers in Singapore that came together because of our dedication to Family Law, our determined sense of justice and of course, our strong desire to assist you in making smart and informed choices. Leveraging on our individual capabilities, wisdom and courtroom knowledge, we at I.R.B Law are only dedicated at providing the best for you. From lawyers with over 40 years of litigation experience to highly motivated up and coming lawyers, you can think of us as an extension of you, using our wealth of experience to create results that you can be confident in relying on.

We are constantly speaking, educating and authoring publications on matters essential for you: Divorce and Syariah Law, Debt Recovery, Criminal cases and many others. The partners and associates at I.R.B Law are more than adept at providing you with the assistance that you deserve. We have also collaborated with various organizations such as the National University of Singapore to produce numerous publications, one of which is “Navigating Muslim Law in Singapore,” a guidebook aimed to serve as a useful guide for readers to navigate the practice of Muslim law in Singapore. 

We pride ourselves as a contemporary practice that offers legal solutions rather than mere legal advice. Your interests and concern is our number one priority. If you have a legal problem, why not come and have a chat with our lawyers! Your very first consultation with us is always free. We want to know your problems and to the best we can, provide solutions for you.

You can find us at our main branch at 117A, Jalan Sultan, or come over to our brand new office at Wis@Changi 116 Changi Road It’s only an 8 minutes walk from Eunos MRT!