Deed poll over 21

    Name exactly as appearing in your ID, including any Hanyu Pinyin name, and special characters.
    As per your NRIC or other ID document

    Please read carefully - you must include your full 'to be' name here, including any Hanyu Pinyin or special characters whether you are changing them or not.


    This is an example situation where a person is changing only the Non-English characters in their name. They must still include the full 'to be' name even if only part of it is being modified.

    Current Name
    Yeo Yim Brenda 楊 音
    Requested New Name
    Yeo Yim Brenda 楊
    By law we are required to verify your identification when drafting a deed poll. Please attach a photo of the relevant ID documents you specified above (i.e., NRIC).

    Once you press submit, please be patient and allow the form to fully process. Once completed you will be redirected to a confirmation page.

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