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Doctors are said to be the most trustworthy people. You trust them with your health from sicknesses that range from the common cold to chronic diseases. When you go to a doctor, it’s standard to expect a satisfactory level of care and professionalism. But sometimes, doctors are ineffective; stories of medical malpractice commonly surface on the news. Such events have serious repercussions.

Misdiagnoses and failure to provide appropriate treatment can cause serious harm. When your doctor is not skillful, careful, nor compassionate enough and causes you any unnecessary suffering in the slightest, you are entitled to compensation.

At I.R.B. Law, we are committed to protecting the welfare of our clients. You should know of your rights if you felt that your doctor had been medically negligent on you. Let us handle the tough battles and fight for your right to additional medical bills, compensation for lost wages and trauma, while you focus solely on your recovery.

Usually, most people are uncertain if they should take their claims to Court. Though our forte lies in Court-representation, our lawyers can help you determine whether your claims against a doctor or medical facility is worth taking to Court. Overall, we know that reporting medical malpractice and filing for compensation is complicated and taxing. Having an experienced and trustworthy medical negligence lawyer can help to minimise the stress, which is why we are ready to assist you in this legal process.


The first step is to report the case to the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). The SMC is a statutory board under the Ministry of Health and is responsible for the regulation of the conduct of doctors in Singapore.

The SMC does the following:

– Keeps records of registered doctors and medical practitioners

– Approves or rejects applications for medical registration under the MRA

– Issues practising certificates to registered medical practitioners

– Makes recommendations on the courses of instructions and examinations leading to the Singapore degree

– Makes recommendations for the training and education of registered medical practitioners

– Regulates the conduct of ethics of registered medical practitioners. This includes looking at complaints on the doctor and his improper act that bring disrepute to his profession.

To file a complaint against medical negligence, you must have a cause of action. These can be
the following:
– Professional misconduct;
– Complaints relating to issues of medical ethics and standards; and
– Complaints relating to the physical or mental fitness of the medical practitioner to practice.

You will then need to prepare a type-written letter of complaint. The letter must state the full name of the doctor(s) and the allegations against the doctor(s). The letter should also include any supporting evidence. This letter will be email to the SMC at [email protected] or call 6372-3074 to set up an appointment. There, you will submit your letter and make a Statutory Declaration before a Commissioner for Oaths.

On the day of the appointment, bring the letter, supporting documents, a photo identification to the SMC Office. Then you will wait for a letter from the Complaints Committee, which will typically arrive in nine months. Of course, it would be in your best interest if the letter was drafted by a lawyer trained in this field to ensure that your arguments are strong enough to call for an action by the Committee.

The Complaints Committee (CC) can advise patients to refer the complaint to the Singapore Mediation Center, which provides dispute resolutions services and trains individuals on how to negotiate, mediate, and manage conflicts. The CC can also conduct formal inquiries and health inquiries.

The HMS uses mediation to resolve disputes between patients and healthcare institutions. Independent mediators work with parties to develop a mutually acceptable solution to their problem. People generally go to the HMS when there is a disagreement with the institution’s explanation or opinion of medical discoveries; there are billing and financial disputes; or when they are seeking financial compensation or a close-door apology.

– Void the complaint
– Order that the medical practitioner be issues a letter of advice/warning
– Order the doctor to undergo medical/psychiatric treatment or counselling
– Order the doctor to go back to school or training
– Order the doctor to report on the status of his medical practice at such times, in such manners, and to such persons

If you want to dispute the decisions of the Complaints Committee, you can appeal to the Minister of Health within 30 days of the outcome of your complaint.

What we can do to help

Safeguarding your Interests to Protect your Business

Our lawyers at I.R.B Law will assist you in lodging a formal complaint with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). While this process may be complicated our team of experienced lawyers will work with you to guide you through the process smoothly. We can also help you to file a claim directly against the doctor or medical facility at fault. Our team of lawyers are committed to protecting your welfare and helping you obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve. We understand that compensation is key in helping you to pay for any additional medical bills, make up for lost wages, and move on with life and focus on recovery.

Our lawyers will provide legal advice and representation, which can substantially increase your chances of receiving a better settlement. We know how damaging medical negligence can be to one’s life, thus, we will do our best to defend your interests and ensure you get the appropriate compensation.

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I.R.B. Law is recognised as a team of leading Singapore lawyers with a remarkable record of success in resolving disputes. Our lawyers have over a century of a combined experience as litigators and are ready to assist you with your claim for medical negligence. We firmly believe that everyone should be treated sincerely and fairly. We strive to resolve our clients’ issues expeditiously so they can put their problems in the past and continue on. Should you be in a position where you may need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call at +65 6589 8913.

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