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Why Everyone Must Hire a Lawyer for Contract Law in Singapore for Any Business Enterprise

Singapore has a modern and welcoming business culture that makes it one of the easiest countries for businesses to establish new ventures. Easiest does not mean that contracts are unnecessary. The importance of contracts should not be underestimated as it benefits both parties by making sure that all of their dealings are legally protected and their interests are safeguarded.


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Understanding Local Requirements

Every contract must meet the local legal standards in order to be binding. We at I.R.B law understand that understanding contracts and the specifics of contract law is not an easy feat even for local companies. Further if you happen to be a foreign company looking to establish your business in Singapore, you may not be privy to the subtle differences in contract laws between your own country and the local laws.


At I.R.B Law, our lawyers are well-versed in contract law and we can help you ensure that the contract is drafted in compliance with local laws and that it will be legally binding and clearly written to avoid any possible loopholes.


It is worth nothing that it is not enough to draft a contract simply with the agreement of all the parties involved. The contract may be void if any part of if does not meet local regulations. Such problems may lead to delays in establishing the business, ongoing and future business dealings and even potential legal proceedings. At I.R.B Law, we will assist you in preventing the occurrences of such problems so you can focus on growing your business.

Safeguard your finances

In order to Safeguard your interest here are some rules governing contract in Singapore:

* Generally, minors (defined as a person under the age of 18) are not bound by contracts. However there are some exceptions to this rule such as when the minor is provided with necessaries legal advice   or when a service contract is largely for the minor’s benefit.

* Anyone with an unsound mind or intoxicated at the time of the signing cannot be legally bound by the contract.

* Contracts with other companies are always enforceable. A company has the full capacity to engage in any business.

* There is a difference between an “offer” and a “solicitation”. Only offers are binding.

Familiarity With Contract Law

Our lawyers are experienced with the numerous laws that govern the enforcement of contracts. Some of them include:

* The Sale of Goods Act

* The Unfair Contract Terms Act

* The Parol Evidence Rule

* The Electronic Transactions Act

In addition, there are many clauses, conditions and exclusions that may void an existing contract. Our lawyers in contract law will make certain that the agreements you make protect you in numerous ways. We will ensure that the business is legal, payment is made and goods and services are received at the expected standard. In the case when the other party fails to fulfil the obligations stated in the contract, our lawyers can assist you in getting back what you are legally owed and claim damages by suing the other party. Although Singapore is a business-friendly nation, disagreements are still possible. We can help protect your interest by ensuring the validity and clarity of your contracts while they are at their drafting stage. To prevent any future concerns, our lawyers can also help to review your existing contracts and provide professional advice on how to improve them.

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