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Sharifah Nabilah Binte Syed Omar

Senior Associate

Sharifah Nabilah is a young lawyer and NUS Law graduate, specializing in civil litigation, bankruptcy, debt recovery, probate, criminal, and family law. Beyond her diverse legal expertise, Sharifah Nabilah is also an avid horse rider, drawing parallels between the precision and dedication required in the saddle to her approach in the legal arena. The ability to control a 1000-pound beast requires composure, a sixth sense, and an aptitude for effective communication—traits she seamlessly applies to her work as a lawyer. In the legal arena, Sharifah Nabilah leverages her equestrian experience to navigate complex situations with poise, anticipate challenges with foresight, and communicate persuasively. Sharifah Nabilah’s approach to legal representation blends expertise with a unique set of skills cultivated through the art of horse riding.

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English, Bahasa Melayu

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