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IRB Law offers an affordable, professional, and legal method of debt recovery in Singapore. We provide services and advice on debt recovery to individuals and business of all sizes.

Why IRB Law for Debt Recovery?

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Legal Method of Debt Collection

Effective debt recovery should follow a defined legal process, not be driven through harrassment. IRB Law is experienced in applying proper due process to the recovery of debts.

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Transparent, Professional Advice

Based on your situation, we will provide an honest assessment on the likely success of recovering your debt. The process will be transparent and clearly outlined along the way.

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Affordable & Cost Effective

Hiring a professional lawyer for debt recovery doesn’t need to be an expensive undertaking. We offer an affordable set of services to support you in your debt recovery process.

Typical Debt Recovery Steps

The process of debt recovery is unique to each situation and our lawyers will be able to advise you on the appropriate steps as part of your initial consultation. Our goal throughout any engagement is to help you recover the debt. This ideally means we recover early, and without going to court. Below are the typical steps of escalation that occur in debt recovery cases.

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Step 1

Free* Initial Consultation

The first step is to gain a full understanding of your current situation so we can advise on the appropriate next steps.

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Step 2

Perform Due Diligence

At this stage we review the debtor in detail, primarily we want to understand if they have the financial capability to pay back any debt.

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Step 3

Issue Letter of Demand

This formal document is designed to warn the debtor of potential legal action if the debt is not paid back. It can be later used in court.

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Step 4

Await Response & Negotiation

We await a response from the debtor after their receipt of the letter of demand. We will support in negotiation between parties where required.

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Step 5

Filing Court Papers

If the letter of demand proves unsuccessful we can then file a claim with the appropriate court. The amount and type of claim will depend on the route taken.

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Step 6

Enforcement of Court Decision

Post any successful court decision, its possible the debtor may still not pay up. We will advise on the appropriate next steps to enforce the collection.

Frequently Asked Questions


There is many reasons why you should use a law firm to recover debt, but ultimately it boils down to the fact that a law firm will follow and enforce an entirely legal process to recovering the debt.  We do not harass or threaten debtors, we follow a legally approved method of recovery which provides a good chance of success and protects you from potential problems caused by overly aggressive debt collection agencies that may harass debtors or damage property.

If the debt owed to you is more than $10,000 and a letter of demand fails to generate a successful conclusion then we move on to filing a civil claim with the Court of Law. This course entails the normal civil litigation process. In the event that the debt owed to you is less than $10,000, we would file a claim with the Small Claims Tribunal instead [in the majority of cases]. Regardless of how much the person owes you, legal action would require legal expertise and we at I.R.B Law will ensure that you will recover as much as possible from your debtor.

If the IOU has a specific repayment date stipulated and the debt goes unpaid after the date has expired, then you will to commence legal proceedings to reclaim the debt within six years of this stipulated repayment date. If the IOU doesn’t state a repayment date, this same six year time limit will start running from the date when the cause of action arises.

A letter of demand (“LOD”) is a letter that sets out a list of demands for the recipient to comply with. A letter of demand would usually be sent by a lawyer on behalf of their clients. It is an effective tool that provides a threat of further legal action if the demands within the letter are not satisfied within a certain period of time. A letter of demand can also be used later in court to prove that the debtor was contacted prior to further steps being taken.