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At IRB Law, we recognize that going through a divorce can be a complicated and emotionally draining ordeal for both parties. Even if a divorce is mutual, it can be a long and tedious process that may impact your children. However with the help of our team of experienced divorce lawyers, yours does not have to be a messy and drawn-out affair. Our extensive experience in all aspects of family and matrimonial law means that we are prepared to assist you in navigating the negative aspects of divorce and making informed decisions on the division of your property, custody and care of your children, future financial interests, and other matters. Whether yours is a civil marriage or one in accordance with Muslim laws, we are ready to assist you in obtaining the best possible outcomes that preserve your legal, financial and emotional interests.


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Our dedicated lawyers are here to ensure that your divorce procedure is handled efficiently and fairly.

Grounds for Divorce

The only ground for divorce in Singapore is if ‘the marriage has irretrievably broken down’. To validate this, one must prove at least one of the following:

(a) That your spouse has committed adultery and you find it intolerable to live with them
(b) That your spouse has exhibited ‘unreasonable behaviour’ in such a way that you cannot be reasonably expected to live with them
(c) That your spouse has deserted you for a continuous period of 2 years with no intention of returning
(d) That you and your spouse have separated and lived apart for a continuous period of 3 years and both parties agree to a divorce
(e) Or, if only one party has agreed to the divorce, that you and your spouse have separated and lived apart for a continuous period of 4 years

If you meet at least one of these requirements or if you are unsure of the grounds you can claim, our lawyers can help you and guide you through the process to make sure your interests are protected.

Safeguard your finances

One of the biggest concerns during divorce is the safeguarding of financial contributions or entitlements. Protecting the future financial interests of both yourself and your children, or preventing your spouse from obtaining an unfair claim of maintenance are both legitimate concerns and we will work to ensure that you receive what’s equitable for your situation. We know how harmful an inequitable financial settlement can be, therefore we will defend your interests to ensure that a fair settlement is negotiated and that you will not lose the bulk of what you have worked hard for.

A Fair Division of Assets

Married couples naturally acquire joint assets like houses, automobiles, and stocks, and these assets will generally have to be divided between both parties following a divorce. If an asset has been acquired before marriage, it will not be regarded a joint asset unless: (1) It has been regularly used and enjoyed by both parties and/or the children during the period of marriage or (2) It has been significantly improved upon by either one of or both parties during the course of the marriage.

We know that in stressful situations as such, tension tends to run high, which is why we will ensure that you can protect your assets and preserve what you’ve earned. We do not want you to make the mistake of settling for less; you deserve to keep what is rightfully yours. Whether you have been the homemaker caring for your children and the household, or the breadwinner working hard for the family throughout the marriage, we will ensure that you receive due recognition for the roles you have played throughout the marriage. Our lawyers will guide you with expert advice so that you can protect your assets and preserve what you’ve earned through the course of the marriage.

Shield your children

Conflict between parents is often a stressful situation for children. To that end, we at IRB Law want to ensure that the divorce proceedings do not result in a traumatic experience for your child. Four different types of custody order exists:

(a) Split custody
(b) Sole custody
(c) Joint custody
(d) Hybrid custody

Your child’s welfare will be our most important consideration. Our divorce lawyers are committed to protecting your child’s interests both during and after the proceedings by ensuring that they are properly cared for through a reasonable maintenance agreement and with visitation schedules. We will make certain that your child is protected and continues living in a safe environment, guide you through the divorce proceedings and make certain that the impact it will have on you and your family is minimized.

Maintenance Matters

The maintenance of a child is the obligation of both parents, regardless of whether the child is residing with you. If you are unsure about whether you could claim maintenance – for yourself or your child – our dedicated lawyers can provide you with comprehensive advice so that you know what rights you are entitled to. Often, where the breakdown of a marriage is imminent, or when divorce proceedings are ongoing, parties usually make the mistake of not paying adequate maintenance, or not paying maintenance at all to the spouse or the children. Some even make the mistake of not making any claims for maintenance during this period despite rightfully deserving to do so. Our lawyers will provide you with comprehensive advice and information on your rights as a spouse and as a parent.

Domestic Violence

At IRB Law, we believe that violence should never be tolerated. Domestic violence refers to the physical or psychological abuse of one’s spouse or family and is never acceptable in any situation. If you, or a member of your family, are a victim of violence, our lawyers will assist you in applying for a Personal Protection Order (PPO). On the other hand, we also understand the injustice of being wrongly accused of inflicting violence and in addition, provide services in defending a PPO that has been wrongfully filed against you. Domestic violence can have a traumatic and lasting impact on you and your family. Let our experienced lawyers guide you through protecting yourself and your family.

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