Lessons You Can Learn from England Reaching the European Football Championship Final

Lessons You Can Learn from England Reaching the European Football Championship Final

Thinking back over the last decade and a half of IRB Law, we’re reminded of all the great people we’ve worked with. Many are still with us and now partners in the firm.

Every one of them is unique and brought something new to the firm.

As a law firm, it’s not in our interest to have a group of people who all think the same. If that happened, the firm would be full of nodding clones, each reflecting the same values. On the surface it may seem harmonious, but long-term, it would become a stagnant pond, and the firm would suffer.

You see, a successful firm is not about a group of individuals. Great firms don’t work that way. What separates a good law firm from a great law firm is teamwork. No one being afraid to speak up and voice their opinion. Everyone uniting to offer the best service.

Good management is not about micro-management!

Actively promoting creativity and free-thinking means we benefit as a firm with new ways of thinking, marketing, business ideas, etc. A constant injection of fresh ideas is what helps us grow as a firm.

An inability to be creative and forecast the future is dangerous. For instance, look at Kodak! They didn’t keep up to date with digital photography and paid the price.


The England football team, who may be considered an average national team with a few star players who have united to produce a great team.

How have they done it?

A willingness to embrace the advice of people outside of the football world. The head coach, Gareth Southgate, has surrounded himself with people who can provide knowledge and advice outside of the usual footballer advisers. An Olympic rower, tech entrepreneur, cycling coach, rugby coach, and military adviser, amongst others.

These people are not football people, so what advice can they offer?

Consider this, if you have people from all the same background, you’re simply regurgitating information to each other that you already know.

Bringing in personnel with different ideas gives the England team a psychological advantage. New insights surrounding data, diet, mental preparation and more.

And in the same way, this has been the philosophy at IRB law. We don’t want to be surrounded by “yes people.” We want a team from different backgrounds with new ways of thinking and experience to help us prosper and grow as a firm.

We have no doubt, had we not had these great people around at IRB Law, we would not be where we are today. Our diversity is what has brought us success.

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