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Every single person will experience a point in their life where they rely on the documents created by lawyers to protect their income and their property. At no point is this more important than when it involves probate and estate planning. When people neglect to make the appropriate decisions for dividing up their estate after they pass, their last wishes are often never known or are intentionally ignored. There are many instances of families that were prevented from having their inheritance because of an improperly written will or because no efforts were made to put any wishes in writing. This is never a concern for people that hire the best probate lawyer in Singapore to prepare their documents.


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Providing Safe Care

Not everyone is mentally capable of managing their affairs by themselves through their entire life. Without proper documentation, there is no way to be certain who will make decisions regarding the medical care or finances of someone that is incapacitated. The benefit of a lasting power of attorney is that this document allows people to choose the person they trust, to act on their behalf. There have been incidents when someone neglected to prepare this simple form and poor decisions were made. The law chooses people based on their relationship to the individual and generally lacks any knowledge of their past. This method of selection has resulted in people waking up from a coma or coming home from a hospital to discover their bank accounts depleted and many of their possessions gone. It is very difficult to recover any losses from this type of incident.

Remembering Loved Ones

Every person must choose an executor who will deal with their estate after their passing. They must have a grant of probate in Singapore in order to legally divide the assets and pay off debts according to the instructions included in the will. The executor should either be a close friend, relative or person of authority that the individual trusts. The executor only ensures the last wishes are met and does not make any decisions themselves on who inherits certain items. Without an executor there is no way for people to know that their favorite niece will receive their jewelry collection or that their son inherits a classic car.

Updating the Details

Without a will, the court determines who handles the duties of the executor. This also happens when a will is outdated. For example, when the writer of the will does not choose another executor when the first person named passes away before them. The court will determine, according to local inheritance laws, who should have the control over dividing the assets. The person that is chosen is granted a letter of administration as legal proof that they are now the executor. The problem is that the closest relative biologically is not always the one that had the best relationship with their deceased relative. The result is disastrous for families when relationship rifts prevent people from inheriting meaningful items from their loved ones.

Preventing Additional Costs

End-of-life care is often expensive. Many estates lose a lot of their wealth when the final medical expenses and remaining bills are paid. Additional expenses are incurred when there is no will or no one was named as the executor. The remaining family members must go through the probate system to determine who will be the executor. The court fees for this type of event are charged to the estate and reduce any inheritance the family might have received. A grant of probate in Singapore is something that is quick and easy to obtain when the right documents are available.

A probate lawyer in Singapore can prepare these documents, keep records safe and help to update them as needed. Their services are affordable and most wills take only a short period of time to prepare. Updating all wills periodically avoids the risk of leaving items to people who have passed on or neglecting to include someone special that arrived after the initial will was completed. Updating also guarantees that the property mentioned is still available for inheritance and that no assets are left without a designated owner.

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